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Morena welcomes TopTV's porn channel

Amid controversy in some quarters for granting TopTV permission to air three pornography channels, a well-known adult entertainment filmmaker has come out in support of the industry because he believes it will offer new business opportunities.
Tau Morena rose to prominence when he produced the biggest-selling local adult entertainment DVD, Mapona Vol 1. Born in Soweto, Morena revealed that he's working on the second instalment that should be released in September.

"I'm only providing a service for anyone who enjoys adult entertainment. One billion people a day worldwide watch porn on the internet, but we still lack local content." He describes himself as an entrepreneur because he can identify opportunities.

"Judging from the number of applications we receive when we're casting, a lot of people want to get involved. Some even want to do it for free," he said.

He ventured into producing films after hosting a user-generated website, sondeza for people to share pictures and videos online.

According to Morena, sondeza initially had talks with TopTV to find business synergies, but the talks halted.

He said he has never been confronted by hostile individuals about his work. "Even when we went to the application board where TopTV presented their case, only one or two people opposed it," he said.

Pragmatic views

But his views on pornography and society are very pragmatic and he says his work is separate from his personal life. "Entertainment (industry) has some form of responsibility and we're very clear on condom use. We don't create false impressions."

Morena rubbished claims that porn could be the reason for the high rate of sexual violence, but concurred that it does degrade women.

"There's no way to connect adult entertainment with sex crimes. Only a tiny minority of people access porn in this country out of a billion worldwide, but we're still leading the world in terms of sexual violence," he added.

Source: Sowetan via I-Net Bridge


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Fezile Nomzamo Phungwayo
I support local content wholeheartedly big up Morena
Posted on 9 May 2013 16:12