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How to get back into your groove this January

There's very little that weighs as heavily on your heart as the first day back at work after a holiday - especially when every step feels like lead and the weather is calling you back to the beautiful outdoors.
So just how do you get back into the work swing of things?

Energise yourself

In amidst everyone we deal with on daily basis, we all have a selection of wonderful clients: we love talking to them and we always feel more energised when we leave a meeting with them. So, to kick off your new year in the right way, call these clients first.

Not only will you have a good catch up, but you'll also be left infused with the energy you need to tackle the more difficult and draining calls.

Remind yourself that you add value

Take a few moments to go over successes from the past year, or if you're in the creative and marketing fields, go back and look at your favourite portfolio pieces.

Often, when we get back to work after a holiday, it almost feels like you've forgotten how to do your job properly.

Taking a look back at everything you've achieved will remind you of where your talents and successes lie, and that what you contribute is important and adds value.

Reframe your mindset

Instead of bombarding yourself with, and reinforcing negative statements, try compiling a list of reframing statements, like:

"Every day I am at work brings me one day closer to the life of my dreams."
"I am excited to be one day closer to achieving my success."
"I am excited and motivated to be actively working towards my success."
"My income reflects the amount of work I put into my career."

Write these statements down on a piece of paper that you can keep with you a reference whenever you start feeling low. Otherwise you can stick versions up in your home and car, or even save it on to a repeating note on your Outlook. (Just remember to take the 30 seconds to actually read the note when it pops up on your screen!)

Gratitude list

As corny as it sounds, there is nothing like a gratitude exercise to lift your spirits immediately!

Not only will you become aware of everything you already have in your life, but also you'll immediately feel more positive and exhilarated. And haven't you noticed how much more easily stuff seems to happen when you're happy and positive?

Make a list

List everything you need and want to get to over these first few days.

First, it takes the pressure off because you're not worried about forgetting something, and secondly, it gives you a sense of accomplishment as you tick each item off your list.

You'll be amazed to find how easily you can fly through everything you need to get done when it's broken up into easy, manageable chunks.

Go easy on yourself

Once you've made a list, prioritise it by things that you are good at doing, and that come easily to you. Now tackle those easier things first.

As you're working, your mind will kick in and you'll have the energy and focus you need to tackle more difficult projects, and more importantly, remembering what you love makes it much easier to fall in love with your job all over again.

You're always more likely to get into a groove when you're having fun doing something, so give yourself that edge, and set yourself up to make 2013 your most successful year ever.

About Chemory Gunko

Chemory Gunko is a seasoned Creative Director, a certified NLP Practitioner, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Energy ReSourcing Practitioner & Life Coach, among others. She works as a marketing consultant and provides copywriting, SEO, graphic design and Joomla! website services.