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Request for Information coming from NAB

With the current RAMS contract (under the auspices of SAARF) ending in December 2014, the NAB are in the process of issuing a new tender.
A Request for Information (RFI) will be sent out during the first half of 2014, followed by an initial screening of research companies who will submit information motivating their proficiency and suitability. Successful companies that score adequately in the RFI will be short listed and invited to submit a detailed Request for Proposals (RFP).

Radio research

To ensure the smooth running of this process, the NAB has engaged the services of tender specialist Yardstick, to manage the Invitation to Tender (ITT) process and international expert Roger Gane, to provide technical input on the development and design of a new Radio Audience Research Survey. This will ensure that a robust, reputable, representative and independent Radio Audience Survey is in place for 2015.

Radio research will be commissioned through a new structure when the current radio contract ends and the NAB exits SAARF at the end of 2014. With a new radio currency coming in 2015, it was imperative for the NAB to get input from a wide array of stakeholders including its members, marketers (including MASA) and media agencies (including AMF).

Credible data

This is to ensure full transparency and participation in the development of the tender specifications and the resultant radio audience currency. With increased fragmentation in the radio sector and rapid advances in new technology, it is vital that the NAB remain abreast of global trends and that data is credible and trusted by stakeholders.

This process will not only ensure the independence of the tender, but will develop specifications to international standards. The NAB is committed to ensuring a fair and transparent tender process and to this end, key stakeholders, including marketers and media agencies, will be consulted for the duration of the process. This will safeguard the interests of key stakeholders and provide a robust and representative outcome. The NAB is indebted to research entities and to other stakeholders for their continued interest in this process.

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