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Whiskas partners with Cheetah Outreach Trust for new campaign

South African cat food brand Whiskas has unveiled a new campaign entitled 'Big Cat Little Cat' which focuses on the parallels between the behaviour of little domestic cats and their big wild cat cousins.
James Deysel, Whiskas brand manager says, "We know that owners admire the big cat inside their little cat and that's why we've taken an even closer look at the commonalities in their behaviour."

As part of the campaign, Whiskas has announced a partnership with the Cheetah Outreach Trust, a Cheetah education and conservation project based in the Western Cape. The partnership will see the cat food brand introduce 500,000 specially marked packs in retailers nationwide. With every pack purchased an amount of 50c will be donated to Cheetah conservation and awareness.

"Cheetahs in South Africa are critically threatened by human conflict and illegal trade so it was an easy decision to select Cheetah Outreach as the partner for this campaign," says Deysel.

About the commercial

The new Whiskas 'Big Cat Little Cat' television commercial, which can be seen on various South African television channels, shows two 'big cat' cubs playing and stalking in a forest environment and then in a domestic garden. They are suddenly startled by the garden irrigation coming on and pounce through the domestic cat flap. As they enter the house, it is revealed that they are in fact domestic kittens about to enjoy their dinner, courtesy of Whiskas.

"We wanted to highlight the similarities in the behaviour and nutritional requirements of domestic cats and their wild cat cousins," says Deysel.

The specially marked packs of Whiskas will be available in retailers nationwide from the end of this month.