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Nando's main sponsor for Daily Maverick's The Gathering

Nando's has always commented on issues of public interest, using humour to create conversation and reduce tension. This is ably borne out by the fast food chicken franchise announcing its sponsorship of Daily Maverick's The Gathering.
Nando's is known for its courage, and so is the Daily Maverick's The Gathering - South Africa's premier event for debating pressing social, economic and political issues.

Says Lindani Mnyandu, general manager: Marketing Communication at Nando's: "For us this feels like a perfect partnership. The Gathering features 12 heavy-hitting leaders who will debate South African issues ahead of the 7 May elections - creating conversation in exactly the same way as some of our best posters have."

Nando's sponsorship is intended to allow for a platform on which different opinions can be aired. These opinions do not necessarily reflect Nando's position and are not endorsed by it in any way.


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