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Print ads most successful way to reach consumers

Despite the myth that consumers do not notice advertising anymore, research results in fact show the exact opposite; and what's more, these results also prove print advertising's efficacy, says Ask Afrika's Dr Amelia Richards, client services director for the company.
"Accordingly, the Target Group Index (TGi) research results, based on 15,000 interviews among consumers across the country, illustrate why brand owners continue to opt for print advertising," she continued.

Newspaper advertisements do not go unnoticed according to 79% of South African consumers; in fact 56% of consumers confirmed that newspaper inserts influence the purchase decision, as the research pointed out.

Research findings echoed

The same research trends were echoed in the annual Compass24 survey (conducted by Ads24 on behalf of Media24 local newspaper titles). The 13,958 interviews represented the views of 5,530,457 South African consumers and 68% preferred to read advertising in their newspaper as opposed to receiving it in their post boxes.

"South Africans do read and respond to advertising; however brand owners should be well aware when designing advertising campaigns that we are living in a world where personalisation is becoming increasingly important, and for this local newspapers are the perfect platform. These papers are less generic, more personalised, more approachable, imparting trust. We look at them differently," said Richards.

Magazine adverts draw more attention

As for building a convincing argument for the effectiveness of magazine advertising, 40% of consumers stated that they pay more attention to advertising in magazines than in other media. The question 'why' was answered in Magazine Moments, another Media24 survey, commissioned from Ask Afrika, to focus on magazine readership trends, and it found that magazines have the unique ability to connect with the reader on a personal level. Complimentary to having the undivided attention of a magazine reader, 43% stated during the TGi survey that they act on competitions in magazines and newspapers.

"Magazines have an educational role to play during the conversation between brand and consumers and 53% of South Africans stated that advertisements in magazines make them aware of new products and services, in an easy to understand manner (57%). Since the editor plays an important role when readers connect and engage with a magazine title, brand owners capitalise on this unique relationship since 45% of South Africans trust the products that advertise in magazines," she said.

Dr Richards concluded that although the myth continues to exist that print advertising is not effective, print audience represent a large portion of society, and that brand owners can use the medium to convey messages in a personal and relevant manner.

About Ask Afrika

Over a period of almost two decades, Ask Afrika has grown to be the largest independent South African market research company. The company focuses on local relevance, benchmarked against the global context. Apart from its large South African footprint, Ask Africa also operates in a dozen African continental territories. Their exclusive product suite includes the Orange Index, Trust Barometer, Radio Moods, TGI Icon Brand and TGI (the Target Group Index). For more information go to