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Good news launches online with Ease Mag

Ease Mag, which has recently been introduced in South Africa, is amongst the first of its kind in sharing relevant, positive news online.
It hopes to counter the effect of bad news, which "...not only are negatively-valenced news broadcasts likely to make you sadder and more anxious, they are also likely to exacerbate your own personal worries and anxieties," says Dr Graham C. L. Davey, professor of psychology at the University of Sussex, UK. "...bombarding people with 'sensationalised' negativity has genuine and real psychological effects."

Altered view on society

In addition, studies published in the British Journal of Psychology in February 1997 show that negative news, both in print and television, contribute significantly to a reader or viewer's perception, not only introspectively, but also extrospectively - this means that a person's view of society can be altered by what is published.

"It is because of these impacts on society that we saw it as necessary to introduce a magazine in which only positive news is shared," explains Brandon Lurie, creative director of the new locally published online magazine, Ease Mag.

"There is good in the world and this is a publication with the sole aim in changing the way people feel about the world - we are a proud team, dedicated to bringing good news to our readers."

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