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Brands & Branding: An 'owner's manual' for 20 years

If you're involved in brand building and marketing then the latest edition of Brands & Branding (255 pages; published by Affinity Advertising & Publishing) should be your 'owner's manual'.
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The publication (publisher: Ken Wilshere-Preston) was launched in 1993 and now, some 20 years, more than 6,000 pages and more than 1.2 million words later, Brands & Branding continues to bring you a unique mix of market-research data, company profiles, case studies and shrewd opinion pieces that provide a wealth of information - which is presented in an easy-to-read, easy-to-digest format.

The book is divided into a number of sections: Contributed Articles (with contributions from, among others, Dr Carla Enslin, Kate Walters, Peter Walsh and S'bu Manqele), Brand Profiles, Research, and Professional Branding Support.

In the Research section, you will find, among others, SA's most valuable brands, best green brands, the top iconic brands, Nielsen's Top 100 Online Campaigns, and more.

Backed by top brands

The book aims to provide credible reference and insights through top-of-the-range research projects, special features, articles, brand profiles and case studies and is designed to facilitate the sharing of insights, methodologies and metrics, as well as highlight great brands from South Africa and around the world.

Since its launch back in 1993, and through its 19 editions, Brand & Branding has been backed by the most successful South African and international brands. Some 15% (10 brands) have backed the publication between 15-18 times, 45% (29 brands) have backed it between 10-14 times and 40% (26 brands) have backed it between 5-9 times. In all, over the 19 editions to date, more than 300 brands have chosen Brands & Branding as their publication of choice to communicate their brand values, development and success.

You're in the field of brand building and marketing, right? Well, your 'owner's manual' is available from Affinity Advertising & Publishing at a cost of R365 and can be ordered here.

Reviewer: Rod Baker