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Tokyo tweets have social media all a-twitter

NEWSWATCH: Social media is blurring the lines between what's private and what's public, reports Times Live, and Chris Moerdyk says the Sexwale divorce story proves the information chain has changed forever. Meanwhile, the ANC in the Eastern Cape has been told to 'stop leaking'... to the media, that is - reports IOL.

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  • Times Live: Sexwale's divorce shows the power and danger of the tweet age... One of the downsides at any time to being in the public eye has been the fact that your private life has always been very public. That has never been more so than now, when social media allows anyone to "report on" what they have heard, seen or done.

    As Chris Moerdyk says: "Any form of celebrity will tell you that it has become nigh impossible to keep anything private. The thing is that with Facebook and particularly Twitter, nobody has to be absolutely sure of their facts," he said.

    On the up side, that means governments will find it difficult, if not impossible, to silence the voice of the people - and that is good news when one considers legislation such as the POIB. On the down side, the privacy of anyone, but those in the news in particular, becomes fair game - and that is a recipe for a disaster or two.
  • IOL: Stop leaking info to media: ANC E Cape... It's said the ship of state is the only ship that leaks from the top; a case in point here, after a fashion, being the ANC administration in the Eastern Cape, in the eyes of many more of a Titanic than a seaworthy vessel. Now the province's provincial chair has told his party members and leaders to stop leaking confidential information to the media.

    It remains to be seen whether the leaks have been plugged or not... Probably or not.

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