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Career guidance programme returns to SABC1

The career guidance programme, iSpani returns to SABC1 on Tuesdays at 1.30pm for its fourth season. Its 26 episodes share the many layers of employment and career planning with young, unemployed viewers trying to get into the world of work.
Surekha Singh, commissioning editor at SABC Education says, "The show takes viewers into environments offering positions at an entry level and creates awareness of the academic, personal and training requirements and criteria from an experiential point of view. Each week an aspiring careerist is exposed, in detail, to the inner workings of a specific career starting at the very bottom. In addition to being introduced to specific tasks that build a competent employee, its candidates are coached by experts in the field, who share their experiences in their own careers with our aspiring entrants."

Once the candidate has some shadowing experience and coaching, they have to carry out the functions they have shadowed. For many this is the test to sink or swim; some will find employment, some will change their goals but all will leave the show with a deeper understanding of the career under the microscope and how to best find a position that will be more than 'just a job'.

"To support candidates and viewers to gain a detailed insight into the industries potential employers share an inside view of specific markets. The show's career coach Motlalepula Matsaung and life skills professionals add final changes to presenting a fully informed, committed work seeker to potential employers. Employers know what they are looking for and this is an excellent chance for work seekers to ensure they are chasing an achievable dream that suits their personal requirements," ends Singh.
Stacey Becker
This program is fantastic. I love to see this type of support for employment and career planning. I think a lot of time goes to goals that are not in alignment with ones true desires, which must be taken into consideration, and not just the needs of employers and what they are looking for in a person of interest. FTR has a very affordable program that helps people of all ages, and backgrounds. I highly recommend scanning through their resources (reference: for anyone in question of their future career goals. Wonderful program you have here. Keep up the great work!!
Posted on 13 Feb 2013 06:29