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Manufacturing Indaba 2018 revamps recruitment business

Since its launch in 2001, Bizcommunity has always seen the benefit for our readers of having industry jobs available on the site, as well as the benefit to companies looking for applicants and recruiters and recruitment agencies having a targeted audience pool to search for good quality applicants and CVs. is now loading over 1100 jobs per month across more than 30 core industries including marketing & media, retail, automotive and many more.

Bizcommunity has always prided itself in cost-effective and time-saving online recruitment which has become a global standard in the sector for reaching qualified candidates.'s popular Recruitment and Job sections have been upgraded so as to offer an even more streamlined service that allows recruitment clients to manage their own job advertising online, through a user-friendly login and password system.

As of August 2012, Bizcommunity has revamped and improved the following recruitment aspects:
  1. A newly designed and easily navigated landing page which allows quick location, top job and industry selection possible. Featured Jobs are now also highlighted on the jobs landing page for enhanced promotion of these positions. Featured recruiter logos will also be highlighted on the landing page to allow brand exposure for recruiters to all job seekers.

  2. We have also updated and added two recruiter package options namely:

    Premium Recruiter Package

    • Unlimited job ads to be placed on Bizcommunity
    • Social media integration
    • Fresh, new profile look with new features such as, but not limited to, "About Us", "Contact Us" and company logos and images.
      Premium recruiter package
      click to enlarge

    Standard Recruiter Package

    • Includes a recruiter profile listing on the site.
    • Discounted job placement bundles purchased as needed.
    • Allows flexibility and control of jobs placed, and the costs of the jobs.
      Standard recruiter package
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  3. Recruiters can now benefit from automatic job uploads which means:
    a. No more waiting for jobs to be approved if the job title is pre-approved.
    b. This is only for recruiters and does not apply for once-off job placement by companies; they will still go through the approval process before the job is made live.

  4. Bizcommunity will also be introducing a CV search facility in August. This will allow recruiters to search through over 32 000 registered CVs on Bizcommunity.

Due to the nature of Bizcommunity being a news site focusing on industry-specific, company news and press releases, recruiters benefit from grabbing the attention of passive job-seekers visiting Bizcommunity for news.

Bizcommunity can offer a highly targeted audience, specific for the industry in which you are recruiting.

For further information on the recruiter packages or recruitment, please contact Cindy Cundell on or +27 (0) 21 680 3500.'s press office