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Gendel Strategic Marketing Group has opened a press office on!

We are communication specialists, strategically driven and growth focused. This translates into an integrated and tactical approach that builds brands.

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Carrick has opened a recruiter listing on!

Carrick is a leader in wealth and capital management who guide high-net worth individuals onward to a greater financial status.

Biz Takeout's

Episode 142: Graham Warsop on his IMC keynote speech: Marketing - where to from here?

Date: 30 Jul 2015
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Essential for companies to shift from bootcamp training to performance support

Companies need to rethink the ways that they train and manage employees if they are to maximise returns from business processes and systems...

By Ivanna Granelli 3 Aug 2015 12:11

What makes a great workplace?

Hands up anybody who leapt out of bed this morning and yelled, "Yes, it's Monday, I can't wait to get to work!" Anybody? But you know what, some people probably did...

Issued by The Mouse that Roared 3 Aug 2015 12:02

The allure of the 'perfect' candidate

We've all experienced the type of candidate that you are blown away by in an interview. She not only meets the requirements of the job, but she could hit the ground running because her understanding of the role is so perfect...

By Vanessa Gibb, Issued by NATIVE VML 3 Aug 2015 11:26

Recruitgroup CEO wins Standard Bank Rising Star Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015

Laura Reynolds, CEO of Recruitgroup, was overwhelmed by the privilege of receiving the Entrepreneur of the Year Award on Friday evening at the star-studded Rising Star Awards 2015...

Issued by Recruitgroup 29 Jul 2015 09:50

For marketers or anybody thinking about a new role and challenges

As I journey through life, I have engaged with young marketers looking for new career challenges...

By Bryan Ndlovu 23 Jul 2015 13:34

Students graduate from the Careers24 Job Readiness Initiative

Students from the Job Readiness Initiative, sponsored by Careers24 and implemented with partners Silulo Ulutho Technologies and Learn to Earn, graduated in Phillipi and Khayelitsha in the first week of July...

Issued by Careers24 21 Jul 2015 13:21

Unsuccessful business venture abroad? Chances are, you didn't do your homework

We all remember our parents telling us this a million times, "finish your homework, then you can go and play". Yet we forget to do this later in life...

By Rolf Akermann 14 Jul 2015 14:54

Careers24 releases their first Recruitment Survey results

Careers24 has released the results of their 2015 Recruitment Survey, which was conducted online and via direct emails in May and early June...

Issued by Careers24 14 Jul 2015 12:52

Careers24's May recruitment trends report shows growth in engineering

Careers24 has released their latest recruitment trends report, which shows an interesting change in recruitment in the field of engineering...

Issued by Careers24 13 Jul 2015 09:03

Recruitgroup; a proud partner of Careers24 The Future of HR Summit and Awards 2015

This year Recruitgroup has been invited to partner with Topco Media in the Careers24 Future of HR Summit and Awards. Recruitgroup CEO, Laura Reynolds, is a dedicated speaker as well as a proud judge of this prestigious event...

Issued by Recruitgroup 9 Jul 2015 10:37

Journalism or bust! How to get writing work in tricky times

Hundreds of young people may continue to enrol in journalism and communications courses at universities and colleges, but job prospects in that industry are dimming...

By Marie Rocher 3 Jul 2015 13:25

Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand

In a world where communication and confidence are crucial to one's success, it's imperative that students who graduate from institutions of higher learning are equipped with all the necessities required to enter the working world...

By Nkhensani Moyane 23 Jun 2015 06:30

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Moving from a couple of outsourced services to a position where you're ready to take on permanent staff members may not seem significant, but it's often a giant step for the small business owner.

By Abigail Munroe 19 Jun 2015 13:56

Rethink contact centres

Contact centres are incurring unnecessary financial losses through the high staff turnover commonly associated with the industry. It therefore makes sense to ensure upfront that the best-fit candidates are selected...

Issued by Sensory Intelligence Consulting_ 18 Jun 2015 12:01

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