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What's new about Biz Ratecard 2014?

The Bizcommunity Ratecard has been redesigned to anticipate the specific needs of digital media planners, creatives and their agencies.

So what's new?
  • New easily navigable interface
  • New menu architecture which clearly showcases all the promotional products and opportunities on Biz
  • Bite-size information and summaries which ensures planners can take out exactly what they need from the Ratecard in the shortest time
  • Clear, engaging visuals recreate what a creative presence on Biz will look like for advertisers
Despite the complexity of online advertising decision-making, the things that are sacred to media planners remain, such as:
  • Reach: Bizcommunity reaches 301,000 unique readers per month in South Africa and Africa. Page views are up 18.8% on last year to 3.1 million. New subscribers are continuing to increase by 2000 per month.
  • Frequency: 3.7 million monthly newsletters, offer the value of repetition. Daily or weekly newsletters offer unmatched exposure, value, turnaround and awareness for company news, event invitations, specials and jobs.
  • Targeting: Picking and choosing from 20 dynamic African business sectors and industry events puts the creativity and selectivity back into media planning.
  • Impact: The contemporary Bizcommunity interface offers many opportunities for high impact communications - choose page wraps, promoted content, rich media, social engagement, multimedia and more.
Other Ratecard features in the pipeline this month will include a content calendar which will allow marketers to plan their presence on Biz effectively.

Of course, there's no substitute for personal service. The Biz Ratecard 2014 is just the first step. Our highly experienced sales team and DFP Premium Ad Server technology will further assist planners to achieve the most creative, impactful value for their online media budgets and guide them through all the latest advances in online media planning techniques and terminology.

But don't take our word for it. Experience it for yourself! View our revamped Biz Ratecard here, download a summary or download the full rate card here.'s press office