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Five SEO mistakes you need to avoid in 2014

Search engine optimisation is one of the best online marketing strategy methods which you can adopt for the success of your online business.
It is essential that you are informed about the mistakes which you can commit in SEO strategies. Web designers can commit a series of mistakes that can slow down the overall quality of a website. Once you can detect the mistake it is easy to fix it. This primer will bring to your attention some mistakes that can be avoided.

Creating duplicate home page and un-optimised title tags are some of the common errors which are made in SEO. As you audit your site, you should be on the lookout for duplicate content.

Mistakes which can be avoided

The common SEO mistakes which you should avoid have been included in the following list. The points listed below summarise the errors which can be avoided:

Not including content that is relevant

This year it is going to be very important that high quality content is developed for websites, as duplicate and irrelevant content can affect your business adversely. Keywords that you include in your website should be relevant because irrelevant keywords will result in spam. Relevant and useful content can help your site to be SEO-friendly.

Content that is relevant can help the site to rise in the search engine rankings as search engines usually focus on the expertise a site has on a subject. A web page with the right content indicates that it is an expert on the subject matter.

Social media being overlooked

Recent studies show that social media can play an important role along with SEO. In a mobile environment, people are spending more time on apps, this leads to lesser time being spent on the internet. It has been seen that to catch their attention right, social strategies need to be adopted.

Adopting the right blend of social media and SEO strategies is the need of the day and a good social media profile can prove very useful for your business and web marketing.

Avoiding mobile optimisation

Mobile optimisation for SEO is very important. One of the most important mistakes that you should avoid is ignoring the potential that optimised for mobile phones includes.

You should be able to optimise your sites for mobile phones that are most regularly used by individuals. You can opt for keywords that can help you to optimise your site for mobile phones and you should not ignore the unique features of the device and make the best out of them.

Stuffing keywords is a wrong strategy

An imbalance in using keywords can hamper your site's rank and website SEO. Readability will be adversely affected if you stuff keywords. Moreover, Google will impose a penalty on pages which are stuffed with keywords.

Content rich and useful content with the right keyword density can help you to attain high ranks in the search engine. The key to success lies in understanding that the content is written for web users and not Google spiders who decide the ranks of the pages.

Not using anchor texts correctly

Dull anchor texts should be avoided. In recent times, anchor text can act as an important SEO tool. Using innovation and creativity in developing anchor texts can prove beneficial. At times websites use anchor texts incorrectly, which affects the rank of a web page.

Benefits of SEO strategy

If you are a site owner, it is within your ambit to avoid these mistakes and work towards the right SEO strategies. If you do SEO right, it will help you to attract greater traffic to your site, but if you commit any of the above mistakes it can ruin your website traffic.

An SEO-unfriendly site will cause impediment in the process of achieving high rank in the search engine. Most people believe that the greater number of backlinks, higher is the ranking of the site, but search engines give ranks on quality backlinks. If you have backlinks from reputed sites chances of attaining higher ranks is more.

Opting for too much flash and images may hamper the search engine results. At times if you use a free web hosting service you may face problems in improving search engine position. Hence, in addition to the mistakes which have been discussed earlier, these points too should be borne in mind.

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Nokuthula Sithole
yes mistake cane avoid but how I think think twice and make it easy follow the right thinks then know the rules so that you can get to avoid mistakes but not easy .Ms Sithole
Posted on 20 Feb 2014 15:43