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SABC gets an 'F' in language, news - and a washout in soapies

NEWSWATCH: According to Channel24, a study by Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) has found the SABC seriously wanting in a number of areas, and still at the SABC, Noluthando Gosa wants a seat on the board... again... Mail & Guardian reports there are still problems with the POIB, and it also takes a look at the lighter (whiter?) side of the Woolies advertising issue. Finally, the SADF assures you it is looking after rhinos, us and our guests - great news in the latter case if you run a B&B.
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  • Channel24: SABC failing in language, news - study... Well, look on the bright side... Missed your favourite soapie? It will be screened again...and again...and... And if you weren't born for some of the earlier ones, now's your chance to see them - just like Mom and Dad did.

    Meanwhile, still at the SABC, Times Live reports yet another rerun... Rerun - Gosa seeks SABC seat... One thing she is reported as saying was that "she was not interested in manipulating or censoring the news" and she is quoted as saying: "People of South Africa do not need a public broadcaster that seeks to control what they see.

    "The news department ought to be independent from any influence."

    Yeah, right, nice sentiment, but since when has the SABC ever in its life been an independent voice totally free of the influence of the government of the day or the dominant faction in government?
  • Mail & Guardian: Latest secrecy Bill draft still clashes with Paia... Unless someone listens to reason, this bill will be headed for the ConCourt.
  • Mail & Guardian: Woolworths: Y u no like whites? Verashni Pillay looks at the lighter, whiter side over claims that Woolworths won't hire white staff.
    We are here to protect you – apparently if you’re a rhino, or a guest in a B&B. At last, we can all sleep easy.
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