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Advertise on Bizcommunity 11 years of going for Gold... and winning it!

August 2012 marks 11 years of Since its inception in 2001, Bizcommunity has expanded from a single marketing and media portal with a South Africa focus to a total of 35 industry-specific portals, each with various categories of defined interest.

Competition time!

Bizcommunity would never be where it is today without the loyal support of our communities, and to celebrate 11 years of Bizcommunity, 11 years of community and 11 years of industry news, we are running two competitions and giving away awesome prizes, namely, a Big Boy Scooter, R20 000 in cash and Apple products.
  1. Go to our Facebook Page and leave us a message or take a picture of yourself and post to our Facebook wall. Best messages and photos win prizes.

  2. Go to Springleap for the Biz Bang t-shirt design competition and stand a chance to win your share of R20 000 for the best design.

Facts and figures

From its early days, Bizcommunity have jumped up the South African rankings to occupy the number one position online for this sector of publishing, with just under 400 000 unique online readers and 4 million page impressions for May 2012 (source: Effective Measure).

Over the past 11 years, Bizcommunity has racked up a few interesting and impressive site statistics, namely:
  • Over 300 000 subscribers to the Bizcommunity newsletters
  • Over 135 million newsletters sent since 2001
  • Over 130 000 job ads posted since 2001
  • If Bizcommunity were to be made into a book, it would be rather hefty - having more than 270 000 pages.
  • Such a book would be about 2.7m thick and weigh about 1200kg.
  • Bizcommunity is made up of 330 000 lines of code. Stretched out, the code would reach 34km.
  • If all active content were to be laid out next to each other, the line would extend from Cape Town to Graaf-Reinet - 673km.
These are just a few of the achievements that Bizcommunity has reached over the past 11 years.

[Biz Takeouts] 31: 11 years of

Listen to last week's Biz Takeouts podcast (32:07min, 29.4MB) to learn more about the origins of Bizcommunity from co-founder and IT director Andre Rademan (@andrerademan) and chief branding and creative officer Terry Levin (@terrylevin):

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