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Rich Mkhondo joins 2010 LOC

Rich Mkhondo has been appointed as chief communications officer, replacing Tim Modise, the 2010 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee South Africa (OC) announced on Friday, 28 November 2008. Mkhondo joins the OC from Ogilvy Public Relations (OPR) Worldwide/South Africa, where he was MD.
Stated OC CEO Danny Jordaan, “We are delighted to have Rich Mkhondo join the Organising Committee team. He is an outstanding journalist with extensive experience and is well-equipped for the job of chief communications officer.

“Things are really shaping up well as we prepare for the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 and 2010 FIFA World Cup and we look forward to Rich leading the team that will keep the media and public well informed about developments, while catering for the needs of the local and international media and supporting our marketing efforts.”

Commented Chris Moerdyk, marketing and media analyst and columnist, "Rich Mkhondo should add a lot of weight to the 2010 communications effort. Having spent some time as a spokesman for SAA, he certainly understands crisis communication and being able to handle tough questions from the media because SAA is about the best school in the world for that.

“He has had a lot of experience on both sides of the fence and will hopefully slot into Derek Carsten's marketing plans to get all of South Africa to buy into the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity 2010 is giving us on a silver plate..."

Hails from Katlehong

Mkhondo hails from Katlehong and started his journalistic career at the Rand Daily Mail in 1984, before moving to the Reuters agency, covering 15 southern African countries. He later moved to Independent Newspapers, where he was the group's Washington correspondent and also acting deputy editor of Pretoria News. In 2000 he was also deputy editor of The Citizen newspaper and in 1993 was the author of the book Reporting South Africa.

Prior to joining Ogilvy, Mkhondo was deputy general manager for marketing services at Discovery, South Africa's life and health insurance giant. Before joining Discovery, Mkhondo was executive manager for Corporate Communications at South African Airways (SAA).

Mkhondo has attended an Executive Management course at Harvard University. Some of the awards he has garnered include the Ford Foundation Travel and Writing Grant, Outstanding Journalist Award by Centre for Foreign Journalists (1995) and the Alfred Friendly Press Fellowship, where he was hosted by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“For me it's an important opportunity to help put our country and our continent on the map. It's an opportunity, if given the chance, nobody would want to miss. And I look forward to working with the football fraternity and with the team at the Organising Committee to make sure we communicate our readiness to host the world's biggest showpiece. It's a challenge I relish and I look forward to being part of the biggest sporting event in the world,” said Mkhondo.

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Mokgotsi Well done! So proud of you.
Posted on 1 Dec 2008 11:36
Good luck!-
Hopefully finally something will come out of Zakumi! and friends
Posted on 1 Dec 2008 13:56
Best wishes-
First we had Tumi Makgabo who had an illustrious career at CNN and was darling of South Africans for all the right reasons. When the hot potato started bubbling in her hands, she rightfully dropped it. Only for another Journalist/Radio Host (Tim Modise) to pick it up. Of course the heat was too much for him too and he has since gone back to his day job. Now Rich Mkhondo former Independent News and I believe SAA. Hmmm? I am wondering..And hoping Mr. Mkhondo does not drop the ball before the 2010 World Cup kick off
Posted on 1 Dec 2008 15:42
Communications can only improve-
Many people in Europe are pleased to hear that Tim Modisi has been replaced. However, Mr.Mkhondo's priority must be to drastically improve the image of the LOC. Already, there is serious concern in professional circles about the inability to communicate with the LOC. Having been involved with the successful World Cup in Germany, I have offered to work with the LOC using my considerable experience. However, many letters and Tel. calls have been ignored and I am still waiting to establish contact. If anyone can suggest a way to communicate with the new Chief Communications Officer, including an Email address, I would be grateful. Alternatively, readers are welcome to forward my message to Mr.Mkhondo, quoting my Email address ( to facilitate his response. Yours faithfully Ulrich Dannecker
Posted on 1 Dec 2008 16:52
Moholoane wa Arsenal
Well done Moholoane-
I am proud of you and I know you can do it. Just do it!!!!!
Posted on 2 Dec 2008 08:24
We hope he will last longer than Tim at LOC-
His appointment also burdens him with the duty to prove that journalists turned PR can deliver exceptionally well in PR. We can only hope that he will last longer than ntate Modise. Good luck Mr Mkhondo.
Posted on 3 Dec 2008 13:49
Sephiri wa lesele
Rich Mkhondo joins 2010 LOC-
Well, jugding by his credentials, he might deliver what is expected of him. Goodluck man!
Posted on 3 Dec 2008 16:39