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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

'Make think become DID' at 2014 Design Indaba

Absa has launched a creative campaign for its sponsorship of the 2014 Design Indaba with the tagline, 'Make think become DID'. It aims to inspire people to make their ideas real and help a few along the way by bringing those ideas to life physically.
This campaign picks up where the 2013 creative campaign left off and takes the idea of the Democratic Republic of Design (DRD) - a virtual country created by the bank's creative agency, Jupiter Drawing Room Johannesburg, to demonstrate that design is the backbone of the economy - one step further, by highlighting how design facilitates a prosperous economy.

Make think become DID

It is with this in mind that the bank is giving designers a platform to turn those ideas into reality. Last year, it pioneered a smartphone application for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices, created for it by digital agency BNRY that utilised the Twitter API in a fresh, new way. It was a success, with the campaign reaching 28,753 people and delegates congratulating the bank on the impact of the engaging campaign

Using the same DRD app this year, delegates will continue to inspire other's through tweeting at the conference to earn design dollars, but they are now also encouraged to submit and share their original design ideas. A hub of pre-selected illustrators guided by Ideso Industrial Design Solutions, its industrial design partner, will turn each original idea submitted into a concept illustration. Delegates can then order these through the app to be printed on a multitude of items found at Absa's concept store, another successful carry-over from last year's campaign, at Design Indaba. Because the store hosts all those ideas that have already become 'did', it has been labelled the DID store.

The design panel will choose one design idea every day during the Design Indaba Conference that it thinks has great potential. This designer will receive a schematic drawing ready to take to a manufacturer of his or her choice. Should the design be chosen as the overall winner at the end of the event, Ideso Industrial Design Solutions would create a prototype of the idea that the winner will receive, along with the schematic drawing and a trademark for that design.

Fostering idea generation

Delegates can earn Design Dollars (D$), the currency of the DRD, for submitting and sharing ideas. Sharing a tweet is worth 100 D$; submitting an idea, 1000 D$; sharing an idea, 200 D$; getting votes for their ideas, 100 D$ per vote; and having someone use their design at the DID store (if they opted for that) is worth 500 D$.

Delegates submitting ideas (and tweeting, voting or sharing their ideas) earn D$ that can be used to purchase items from the DID store - such as T-shirts, cushions, carrier bags and phone cases - printed with their illustrations.

Delegates not submitting ideas but tweeting and voting on other designs submitted also earn D$ to be redeemed at the DID store against one of a number of pre-printed designs; other people's designs that have been made available for purchase; or featured products.

Igniting creativity

As the entire campaign revolves around stimulating creativity and extracting and sharing ideas, the bank has put together a list of everyday challenges in need of well-conceptualised design solutions. These are found within the app, and include concepts such as 'dinner table texting, the disappearing USB, shack fires, overflowing tomato sauce, getting rid of dog poo, who's stolen my coffee mug?, sleeplessness, hail damage and feeding the hungry'.

To further inspire delegates and truly ignite their creativity, the bank has also solved a number of logistical challenges associated with the event through clever 'why-didn't-I-think-of-that' design solutions. These include fabric computer carrier bags which double up as informal delegate seating when attached to specially designed metal rails at the venue and a bicycle rack after the event and umbrella solar cellphone chargers that allow delegates to remain online and connected throughout the event, while protecting them from the effects of the sun

Each design solution features clever copy that reinforces the campaign message, encourages idea generation and sharing, and drives delegates back to the DRD app. It also hints at the campaign's coveted overall prize.

Supporting the campaign is the bank's stand at the Design Indaba expo that, among others, will feature various design prototypes.

Absa Enterprise Development will mentor the overall conference winner and the expo designer for one year and will assist them in taking their prototype further.

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