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DBE adverts: DBE 'dishonest', 'misleading'

NEWSWATCH: The Democratic Alliance is to lodge a formal complaint with the ASA over the adverts the Department of Basic Education (DBE) took in Sunday papers to try to refute allegations that it failed in the provision of textbooks to Limpopo schools, reports Politicsweb.
Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga: Do you agree she rates 80% for her performance? (Image: GCIS)

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  • Politicsweb: DA to lodge complaint with ASA over DBE's textbook ads... The Department of Basic Education spent - some might read that as wasted - hundreds of thousands of rands in placing adverts in Sunday papers refuting allegations that their performance in getting textbooks to Limpopo schools has been pathetic.

    The only problem with placing the adverts is that the department appears - in the eyes of the DA at least - to have been economical with the truth and told a couple of terminological inexactitude whoppers of epic proportions.

    According to the Politicsweb report, the DBE advert "appears to have breached two key provisions of the ASA's Advertising Code", namely Section 2.2, which deals with honesty, and Section, which deals with misleading claims.

    The bottom line is that thousands of schoolchildren in Limpopo have been severely hampered in getting an education; many observers might feel these children have been betrayed.

    Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga earlier this year said she would award herself 80% for her performance.

    A multitude of observers, and perhaps those Limpopo schoolchildren who are wise enough to see who many think has let them down, might reckon the zero does not belong in Motshekga's self-assessment.

    The bottom line is that had the department done its job properly, the adverts would never have been necessary.

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