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AFSTEREO launches

AFSTEREO'S Gnosko Web Portal ( is AFSTEREO's very latest modern invention specifically designed to take the AFSTEREO Client to another tracking and reporting service level, altogether. The Gnosko User is now enabled to access their essential business information and make more informed business decisions 24/7/365, on the move and from wherever one has access to the Internet. Tokoloho Matsile, AFSTEREO's Information Technology Fellow, says: "We have purposely built the Gnosko Portal using the very latest Microsoft Technologies. The idea here being to ensure that all our valued clients have access to a robust and reliable portal with beneficial user experience, ongoing and indefinitely".
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AFSTEREO Existing Paying Clients immediately qualify for free use of the AFSTEREO Gnosko Web Portal and attractive tracking and reporting services supply deals, secured for their 2013 data purchases. New clients also wishing to benefit from the AFSTEREO Radio and Television Tracking and Reporting Services and special introductory offers can contact Kagisho and his AFSTEREO Team, by using: and/or 27 11 083 5100 and/or 071 363 5018.

The African Stereo Network's Core Business focus remains the provision of trusted and essential Broadcast Radio and Television Advertising Media ("spots") and Music Play ("songs") Business Information to the media, advertising, regulatory, music and marketing sectors, operating throughout South Africa.

Over the past eight years AFSTEREO'S (Exclusively Licensed USA Patented) Aircheck Automated Wave Pattern Recognition Tracking and Reporting System has enabled AFSTEREO to establish itself as a leading provider of accurate and affordable music and advertising media data, "accessed from anywhere today". With the proven and unique Aircheck Technology now well entrenched throughout the South African Market there is no need for any of AFSTEREO's Clients to be involved in any form of time wasting (and therefore costly) pre-watermarking and / or pre-fingerprinting processes. This means that they can enjoy instant access to (in context of broadcast) radio and television content and completely hassle free and independent data tracking and reporting services used for all their pre-recorded and non pre-recorded broadcast material exactly when, how and where they require it.

Kagisho Sekgethelo, AFSTEREO's Leading Client Services Fellow, points out: "We at AFSTEREO are not in any way or form a media monitoring company, in the old and traditional sense of the words. We are instead the information technology company of choice here in South Africa that one now uses to access one's own and one's competition information, consisting of radio and television based: independent advertising media audit and music play audit services mostly used by media agencies, marketers and music organisations, a wide variety of useful market intelligence reports including however not limited to: music play charts, artist activity tracking, competitor and exclusive user (spot-play type) advertising tracking and reporting activity, brand analysis and trends, ad-spend, published rate-data, published audience-data, position in ad-break and today's breaking campaigns available to all of AFSTEREO's Clients and continuous daily error reporting services (mostly) used by radio stations to instantly re-flight (possible) missing spots in the current campaign and thereby enabling the stations to significantly reduce (unwanted) compensation claims and credit noting admin. AFSTEREO's automated Aircheck and Transactor Systems are now also integrated with (select leading) media agency and media owner back end media management systems which translates in to better and wider use of seamless business processes and improved communication and fewer costly errors, enjoyed by many more clients operating throughout the market."