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Tesla reaches $2.6bn deal to buy SolarCity

Electric car maker Tesla said it won an agreement from SolarCity to acquire the solar power company for $2.6 billion, confirming a deal that has...

2 Aug 2016


Canary in the Gold King Mine: legacy of abandoned mines means more spills

You are gazing over the clear stream, thinking of fishing the crystal waters in the Rockies. The next morning, you are stunned to see an orange-yellow sludge covering the stream as far as you can see. Is this the Colorado Gold King Mine spill into Cement Creek of August 5, 2015?

By Ronald R H Cohen 17 Aug 2015


Fracking - the debate rages on

WASHINGTON, USA: New evidence that fracking may contaminate drinking water was published on Monday (24 June) in a study that's sure to add fuel to the fight over the controversial method of extracting natural gas from cracks in rocks.

26 Jun 2013


Marange monitoring to end

WASHINGTON, USA: A UN-mandated global watchdog on Friday (30 November) agreed to end year-long monitoring controls on Zimbabwe's diamond trade, after it found the government had allayed concerns over its Marange mines.

4 Dec 2012


2010's top PR stories

PHILADELPHIA, US: A survey of public relations professionals around the globe indicates that the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the October rescue of the trapped Chilean miners ranked as the top PR stories of 2010.

6 Jan 2011

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