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Trends to look out for in Southern Africa's construction industry in 2017

With 2016 bringing a year of unexpected developments across the globe, there are now diverse global realities impacting the African continent as a whole and Southern Africa's construction industry in particular...

By Soren Du Preez 10 Feb 2017

Glaring maintenance issues will devalue your home

In a buyer's market like today's, sellers need to pull out all the stops. An unloved, badly maintained home is harder to sell...

Issued by Private Property 3 Feb 2017

Three construction game changers for 2017

Huge tower blocks built in weeks under one roof, automated bridge-building behemoths, bricklaying robots...

By Kenny Ingram 18 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: HVAC and building efficiency

In heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and the building efficiency arena, the biggest trend drivers are the entrance of digital and wireless...

By Neil Cameron 11 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: Reinvention predicted in the field of architecture

In many professional fields, the explosion of multimedia options have given the public an array of resources and 'wisdom' on architecture, medicine, IT and graphics, to name a few...

By Kevin Bingham 11 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: Agility, technology and investing in the African market

Drought, local political uncertainty and ongoing global macro-economic instability have placed many businesses on the back foot as they go into the New Year...

11 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: Sustainable architectural practice in the space of engagement

Architecture has more to offer the South African context than ever before, largely due to the opportunities offered by transformative development frameworks...

By Yashaen Luckan 11 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: Shaping the future with immersed VR

The use of virtual reality (VR) technology - and not only in the design phases, but throughout the construction phases and in facilities management too - is quickly becoming the biggest trend in the built space today...

By William Johnston 11 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: Water recycling, re-use and sustainability

Although SA has made huge leaps in provision of clean water, there is still a significant amount of untreated sewage contaminating our water courses...

By Theunis Coetzer 11 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: Exciting areas of growth in plastic pipe industry

Despite numerous appeals made to government by industry, not enough has happened this past year to improve South Africa's water infrastructure...

By Jan Venter 10 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: Green building groundswell taking hold

Dissatisfied urbanites increasingly experience carbon emissions, resource indulgence, aching infrastructure and the resulting gridlock, disempowered local economies and degradation...

By Donia Kamstra 10 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: A look at the affordable housing space

There remains a huge interest and demand in affordable housing in South Africa...

By Karen Petersen 10 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: Reinventing traditional materials

"Necessity is not the mother of invention. It more often happens that the acquirement of knowledge of the previously unknown properties of a material suggests its trial for some new use." - Willis R. Whitney

By Daniel van der Merwe 10 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: Greater need for quantity surveying than ever

The construction industry has always been cyclic, enjoying a boom for several consecutive years only to face a slump afterwards. Eventually, things pick up again...

By Larry Feinberg 9 Jan 2017

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