Brael Mubana
Brael Mubana commented on Zambia media welcome online Watchdog
watch dog is doing a recommendable job in Zambia allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate the watch dog team for the good work so far.
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Gregory Gondwe
Malawi: BNL rebrands website

Malawi: BNL rebrands website[Gregory Gondwe] Malawi's oldest media institution, the Blantyre Newspaper Group has rebranded its website, which has new features that will, among other things, allow feedback and opinion from readers.

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Gregory Gondwe
Zambia media welcome online Watchdog

Zambia media welcome online Watchdog[Gregory Gondwe] The newly launched Zambian online newspaper, The Watchdog is expected to change the media terrain in the country, according to the paper's editor Lloyd Himaambo.

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