11 Sep 2012



Ready your liver

South Africa sure doesn't have any shortage of music festivals - makes sense when you think of all the great settings and musicians we have on our doorstep. With the recent Oppikoppi beast out of the way, and Alien Safari's Sprung just past, we find ourselves well into music fest season. Better ready your liver, next up Earthdance, White Mountain Festival and Rocking the Daisies! Sindy Peters reports back on the recent RTD teaser event, Sowing the Seeds.

Ever the social party animal, Miss Peters also reviews the recent re-launch of Trenchtown, and is impressed by the international comedians at the Nando's Comedy Fest in Cape Town. In other food and theatre news, Eugene Yiga samples the current menu and production at Richard's Supper Stage, and reviews director James Ngcobo's revival of Fugard's Boesman and Lena.

Motoring editor Henrie Geyser gives his thoughts on the entry-level Etios, travel contributor Brian Berkman goes on a search of fossils in Beaufort West, and I chat to Sexpo project manager Avril Swaffield about what Joburgers can expect at this year's sexy Sexpo.

New competitions this week include two tickets to An African Musical Journey Through Time at the African Dance Theatre in Cape Town.

Happy Tuesday!

Ruth Cooper, production manager (@biz_lounge)

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Editorial news


Celebrating sexuality at Sexpo
[Ruth Cooper] The health, sexuality and lifestyle expo, better known as Sexpo, is settling its sexy ass at the Expo Centre NASREC in Joburg later this month. We interview project manager Avril Swaffield and get the low-down (pun intended) on some of the sexy happenings that attendees can expect this year: martial arts, Playboy Playmates, swingers' clubs and much more are all in the plans - oh my. Read more >>

Food & Wine

Let your diet slip at Trenchtown
[Sindy Peters] Trenchtown (previously Roots/Cool Runnings), now under the ownership and management of Antonio Manuel, held it's relaunch last weekend, 31 August to 2 September. Having been to the Caribbean-style restaurant only twice before, and briefly, I had no memorable experience of the place. On the Friday night it was packed to the brim, so waiting for drinks/meals to arrive was much like waiting for the second coming. Read more >>


Etios could upset the car crèche
[Henrie Geyser: motoring editor] Toyota South Africa's marketing suits have given the cash-strapped lower end of the local car-buying public reason to smile with the introduction of its entry-level Etios which they hope will step into the popular shoes worn out by the charismatic Tazz. Read more >>


Lance sponsorships are not being 'lanced'
New York - US sporting goods giant Nike was one of several sponsors sticking by Lance Armstrong after the US Anti-Doping Agency stripped the cycling legend of his record seven Tour de France titles. Read more >>


In search of fossils
[Brian Berkman: contributing editor, travel] Contributing Editor Brian Berkman took to the road to experience the breadth of South Africa. Read more >>

SA 'needs new airport to become Africa hub'
[Annaleigh Vallie and Nick Hedley] SA needs to liberalise its airways if it is to improve its competitiveness ranking in the travel and tourism market, according to a prominent industry executive. Read more >>


Monkey business at Sowing the Seeds 2012
[Sindy Peters] Being an outdoors lover, I wasn't quite keen on this year's Sowing the Seeds venue in Cape Town. The dark-and-musty Zula Bar in Long Street certainly is a great spot to check out bands, bust a move, and get your drink over weekends; I just don't associate the brand, and the reputation that Sowing the Seeds has built, with just those sentiments. Read more >>


The long walk to Boesman and Lena
[Eugene Yiga] "I am truly very thrilled," said literary icon Athol Fugard at the news that Boesman and Lena would be staged at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town for the first time. If you'd like to understand why he was so excited, you have to see the play and discover for yourself. Read more >>

Kau steals show at Nando's Comedy Fest 2012
[Sindy Peters] Can we have Brian Haner strum the South African national anthem at every sporting event from here on? The man is a genius on guitar; his passionate rendition of Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika gave me goose bumps and made my heart swell with pride. Haner is the host of this year's Nando's Comedy Festival, currently on its last leg at the Artscape, Cape Town. While Haner stole my heart, David Kau stole the show. Read more >>

Kaapse Stories From The Mother City
[Eugene Yiga] Cape Town is a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage. But don't just take my word for it; come and enjoy a slice of the magic with Kaapse Stories From The Mother City, now showing at Richard's Supper Stage. Read more >>

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