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Why your workers want you to celebrate International Happiness Day

Happiness may be the most subjective concept to measure, but that doesn't mean researchers steer clear of it. If anything, that makes it all the more appealing - here's why it's important for you and your employees, this International Happiness Day.

By Leigh Andrews 1 day ago

Mastering experiential marketing with Studio H
Mastering experiential marketing with Studio H

A 10 metre high twinkling Christmas tree made out of Moët et Chandon bottles, 3D printed butter, a food memory archive and pop-up dinners that use no water in its creation is just a taste of the activations that culinary-inspired design studio Studio H has successfully implemented. We chat with founder Hannerie Visser about how they are using food to design brand experiences and create memorable campaigns for their clients.

By Ruth Cooper 16 Mar 2018

Webafrica is effing up its new campaign
Webafrica is effing up its new campaign

The new campaign says it like it is: Webafrica is effing fast

Issued by The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town 15 Mar 2018

Securing a future for fashion - in conversation with Jackie Burger
Securing a future for fashion - in conversation with Jackie Burger

The word 'pollution' may conjure up images of dirty waterways, smog-filled city skies and coal power plants, but seldom is it realised that the very clothing on our backs may be the product of a dirty and dehumanising supply chain.

By Lauren Hartzenberg 15 Mar 2018

Examples of retailers employing the new rules of attraction.
The new laws of attraction to survive the retail apocalypse

In the second of three sessions held at FCB Cape Town, open to staff and clients alike, FCB Red Chicago's retail strategy group lead Curt Munk explained that retailers and marketers alike need to understand the new laws of attraction in order to survive what he dubs 'the retail apocalypse'.

By Leigh Andrews 13 Mar 2018

USD$10m investment into One Africa Media
USD$10m investment into One Africa Media

SEEK, the world's largest online employment marketplace by market capitalisation, has announced the investment of USD$10m for an additional six percent equity ownership in One Africa Media.

Issued by Private Property 30 Apr 2015

News for the boyz

Newsstands are crowded with successful magazines aimed at teenage girls, but there are few, if any, general interest magazines for teenage boys, and yet there are over 4.75 million young men in this demographic in South Africa. With this in mind, DevAd Publishing & Promotions is launching Boyz Only magazine, targeted at young men between the ages of 10 and 18.

28 Jul 2008

CIO conference to unleash tools for successful IT

The CIO Challenge, powered by Deloitte and hosted by Topco Media, to be held at The Campus, The Forum, Bryanston on 10th and 11th September, is a conference targeting individuals involved in the IT industry.

Issued by Topco Media 28 Jul 2008

Call Centre Training

In any efficient organisation, often the voice on the other end of the phone is the client's first and most important point of contact. The call centre agent thus becomes the all-important voice of the organisation.

Issued by Janine Lazarus Media Consultancy 28 Jul 2008

Show a little respect!
Show a little respect!

The Loeries Awards have come a long way and have grown in leaps and bounds to become the annual industry event. At the still youthful age of 30, this year the Loeries aimed to make mom proud but, unfortunately, there were incidents that definitely must have disappointed her as much as they did the chairman of Draftfcb Nkwenkwe Nkomo.

By Tshepiso Seopa 28 Jul 2008

MSI - June 2008
Market Sentiment Index drop wipes out gains of the last five years

TNS Research Surveys (Pty) Ltd, South Africa's leading marketing and social insights company, has released their Market Sentiment Index (MSI) results for metropolitan adults for June 2008 (the study was conducted from 5 to 15 June).

Issued by Kantar TNS 28 Jul 2008

What happens in Margate, shouldn't just stay in Margate
What happens in Margate, shouldn't just stay in Margate

The Loeries weekend is officially over but it didn't go off without a few shenanigans here and there. While it may be very funny to name and shame the drunk and disorderly, we're not going to. We're rather going to post their pics up on Facebook and poke fun at them that way. We've also handed out a few awards of our own.

By Sindy Peters 28 Jul 2008

Sunday night Loeries winners
Sunday night Loeries winners

Tonight, Sunday, 27 July 2008 at the 30th anniversary of the Loerie Awards in Margate, a total of 112 Loeries were handed out, of which only two were Grands Prix: King James in TV & Cinema Commercials for Alan Gray ‘Beautiful', and Net#work BBDO and Gloo Digital Design in Experiential Digital Mixed-Media Campaign for ‘Youngblood5'.

27 Jul 2008

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