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SABC, where art thou channels?
SABC, where art thou channels?

The media's obsequious reportage on Hlaudi made me ponder on a few things that, in my opinion, need attention at the SABC. Frankly, I have heard enough of Hlaudi this, Hlaudi that. The media has turned him into some pygmy of impeccable credentials. I feel the real sense of issues around him or SABC are not articulated well in the public discourse - is he a bad guy in a good situation or good guy in a bad situation?

By Bonnie Ramaila 2 days ago

Four ways marketing has evolved to make asset management even harder
Four ways marketing has evolved to make asset management even harder

The marketing landscape is evolving, and it's changing the way advertisers, marketers and agencies develop, manage and deliver creative assets for their campaigns.

By Ian Wheal, Issued by Media Host 22 Sep 2016

Munitz and the CBR Marketing Solutions team.
Riding the waves of the digital world

Digital marketing is a strategy. It's not just simply a website, or social media, or Google; it's a full platform that allows people to position their businesses within the communities they're targeting. And it is enabling an unprecedented level of engagement between companies and their customers.

By Craig Munitz 22 Sep 2016

The People of Prestige
The People of Prestige

Bidvest Prestige is the largest, leading specialist of world-class outsourced solutions in Southern Africa and Mauritius. But how do you take the intangible aspects of a B2B success story and translate it into an inspirational narrative that can ignite passion internally - from your workforce - as well as externally with clients who have 'price' at the forefront of a purchase consideration?

By Mike Sharman 20 Sep 2016

Screengrabs from the ad
[Orchids & Onions] Kudos to RMB founders for leading the way

The interaction with their audience strikes the right chord.

By Brendan Seery 20 Sep 2016

Twiga Communications launches #PrimaTopToys
Twiga Communications launches #PrimaTopToys

Those watching trending hashtags on the night of 21 July 2016 would have noticed #PrimaTopToys overtake #OscarPistorius; and perhaps joined the thousands of Twitter followers surveying the antics of an influential group of Twitterati returning to their childhoods as they were given free rein to explore the new Christmas range at the Prima Toys showrooms.

Issued by Twiga Communications 20 Sep 2016

#InnovationMonth: Disrupting the comms norm with on-demand PR
#InnovationMonth: Disrupting the comms norm with on-demand PR

Marcusbrewster, having previously pioneered a new way of PR service delivery with its outputs-based PR Index model, is set to further disrupt business as you know it with its new on-demand PR offering. MD Andre Fourie explains how to use this to your strategic advantage.

By Leigh Andrews 19 Sep 2016

Boris Dzhingarov
Three tips to ensure your company blog is an asset, not an anchor

By now you've probably read hundreds of articles about how essential a blog is to your business and for marketing it. You studied up on all the tricks before you went to work creating a blog for your firm, and you even made sure your posts were designed just as the experts suggested in order to attract the most readers.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 19 Sep 2016

Boris Dzhingarov
Customers need to know they're valued

Studies are constantly performed to find out what customers want out of their relationships with businesses. Answers vary on many accounts, but what the responses mostly come down to is this: Customers want to be valued. Conveying value is one of the most crucial things businesses can do to promote growth, generate leads, and increase revenue.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 16 Sep 2016

South Africa's top 50 corporate brands
South Africa's top 50 corporate brands

Brand Finance, a brand valuation and strategy consultancy that annually measures the world's most valuable brands, in partnership with Brand South Africa, has launched a table displaying the top 50 corporate brands in South Africa titled Brand Finance South Africa 50.

15 Sep 2016

Thurgood and Raphaely
#InnovationMonth: "Repetition is a dirty word"

Associated Media group CEO Julia Raphaely talks us through the collaborative benefit of shifting from silo structure and instead having creatives work with other creatives, as well as how they continue to innovate and shine despite market conditions on the downturn...

By Leigh Andrews 15 Sep 2016

Assegai Awards 2016 - Two new awards to capture
Assegai Awards 2016 - Two new awards to capture

With just over one week left till the Assegai Awards 2016 entry deadline, we are excited to announce that there are two new award categories! This means that there are two new opportunities for organisations to walk away with bragging rights for 2016...

Issued by Assegai Awards 1 Sep 2016

Peter Morey
Why embracing new trends in photography is vital to stay relevant, successful and in business!

After 23 years as a professional photographer, I'm always mindful of the importance of being willing to continually adapt to new trends.

By Peter Morey 25 Jul 2014

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