The SpaceStation welcomes Helene Siepman to their business development team
The SpaceStation welcomes Helene Siepman to their business development team

With a gravitas filled background that includes Associated Media Publishing, the SABC, Independent Newspapers and Associated Magazines (as it was formerly known), The SpaceStation team are excited to welcome Helene as a business development manager on the lifestyle portfolio.

Issued by The SpaceStation 1 day ago

[Orchids & Onions] Keeping it real drives message home
[Orchids & Onions] Keeping it real drives message home

Genuine stories and testimonials are powerful selling tools for brands. And the best way to use them in advertising is to allow the story to unfold naturally.

By Brendan Seery 3 days ago

Image by 123RF
#TRENDING: The experience economy

In order to earn the attention of consumers, brands need to create experiences that they can share.

By Louise Marsland 26 Sep 2016

Is SA's love for fast food still growing?
Is SA's love for fast food still growing?

The philosophical doctrine of 'change being the only constant', is wholly applicable to the South African fast food industry as stakeholders are forced to constantly craft competitive responses to capriciously fluid market dynamics. These innovative strategies fuelled strong domestic growth as well as the launch and rapid expansion of multinational brands such as Burger King, Domino's Pizza, Starbucks and Pizza Hut. The key question is whether all these developments have helped to grow the fast food market in 2015/2016?

Issued by Insight Survey 26 Sep 2016

SABC, where art thou channels?
SABC, where art thou channels?

The media's obsequious reportage on Hlaudi made me ponder on a few things that, in my opinion, need attention at the SABC. Frankly, I have heard enough of Hlaudi this, Hlaudi that. The media has turned him into some pygmy of impeccable credentials. I feel the real sense of issues around him or SABC are not articulated well in the public discourse - is he a bad guy in a good situation or good guy in a bad situation?

By Bonnie Ramaila 26 Sep 2016

Josephine Buys
Traditional publishing and digital advertising: A crossroads and a new frontier

At a time when traditional methods of publishing are undergoing rapid change, digital allows new opportunities to connect with readers and consumers. However, our audiences are no longer a given. Publishers and advertisers need to meticulously tailor their content to survive in a cutthroat media landscape.

By Josephine Buys, Issued by IAB South Africa 23 Sep 2016

Unpacking social media video marketing
Unpacking social media video marketing

Video rocks! Just check how the introduction of MTV on 1 August 1981 turned the music industry into a multi-billion dollar empire.

By Joseph Neusu 23 Sep 2016

Munitz and the CBR Marketing Solutions team.
Riding the waves of the digital world

Digital marketing is a strategy. It's not just simply a website, or social media, or Google; it's a full platform that allows people to position their businesses within the communities they're targeting. And it is enabling an unprecedented level of engagement between companies and their customers.

By Craig Munitz 22 Sep 2016

Thurgood and Raphaely
#InnovationMonth: "Repetition is a dirty word"

Associated Media group CEO Julia Raphaely talks us through the collaborative benefit of shifting from silo structure and instead having creatives work with other creatives, as well as how they continue to innovate and shine despite market conditions on the downturn...

By Leigh Andrews 15 Sep 2016

News for the boyz

Newsstands are crowded with successful magazines aimed at teenage girls, but there are few, if any, general interest magazines for teenage boys, and yet there are over 4.75 million young men in this demographic in South Africa. With this in mind, DevAd Publishing & Promotions is launching Boyz Only magazine, targeted at young men between the ages of 10 and 18.

28 Jul 2008

MSI - June 2008
Market Sentiment Index drop wipes out gains of the last five years

TNS Research Surveys (Pty) Ltd, South Africa's leading marketing and social insights company, has released their Market Sentiment Index (MSI) results for metropolitan adults for June 2008 (the study was conducted from 5 to 15 June).

Issued by Kantar TNS 28 Jul 2008

What happens in Margate, shouldn't just stay in Margate
What happens in Margate, shouldn't just stay in Margate

The Loeries weekend is officially over but it didn't go off without a few shenanigans here and there. While it may be very funny to name and shame the drunk and disorderly, we're not going to. We're rather going to post their pics up on Facebook and poke fun at them that way. We've also handed out a few awards of our own.

By Sindy Peters 28 Jul 2008

Sunday night Loeries winners
Sunday night Loeries winners

Tonight, Sunday, 27 July 2008 at the 30th anniversary of the Loerie Awards in Margate, a total of 112 Loeries were handed out, of which only two were Grands Prix: King James in TV & Cinema Commercials for Alan Gray ‘Beautiful', and Net#work BBDO and Gloo Digital Design in Experiential Digital Mixed-Media Campaign for ‘Youngblood5'.

27 Jul 2008

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