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Episode 189: Mike Wronski chats the top 5 Social Media platforms in SA.

Date: 22 Sep 2016
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HDI's Junior Board of Directors: Future leaders in the making

Now in its 18th year, HDI Youth Marketeers' new Junior Board of Directors (JBoD) for the year 2016/17 was welcomed in an exciting induction ceremony on Thursday, 1 September...

Issued by HDI Youth Marketeers 15 Sep 2016

#InnovationMonth: The intrigue of influencer marketing

Davin Phillips, CSA director specialising in influencer marketing, explains how influencers have become walking media portals, with audiences who are active and engage with their every content mention...

By Leigh Andrews 9 Sep 2016

Are you struggling to understand Generation Y in the workplace?

Generation Y, also known as millennials, were born between 1982 and 2003. They're between the ages of 13 and 34, so they're either in high school, tertiary institutions or employed in junior to mid positions...

By Antoinette Pombo 31 Aug 2016

Panel discussion: Youth political participation in the era of SDGS

12 August is International Youth Day and you are invited to attend a presentation on gendered youth political participation by Afrobarometer using its latest survey data for 36 African countries...

Issued by Institute for Justice and Reconciliation 11 Aug 2016

Indy launches new platform to inspire SA's youth

Under the theme, A Productive Generation starts Today, Independent Media launched its list of Top 100 Inspiring and Aspiring young South Africans as well as a new multimedia youth website...

Issued by Independent Media 28 Jul 2016

Five mobile marketing information overload pitfalls to avoid

As their attention spans grow shorter and their options expand, Afrillennials (African Millennials) are becoming much pickier about what they allow on their mobiles in their bid to curb information overload...

15 Jul 2016

Checkers is teaching kids a valuable lesson about commerce, just not the one they think

If you are a Checkers shopper, you would have received a packet of tiny toy groceries along with your regular fare this week...

By Estelle Nagel 13 Jul 2016

New guard at HDI Youth

Obsessed with magic, marketing and making a difference, MD of HDI Youth Marketeers, Jason Levin, trades in his youth gloves to pursue a new global assignment within parent group, TBWA\Worldwide...

Issued by HDI Youth Marketeers 13 Jul 2016

How youth mix personalities to suit social media platforms

So you've got your social media strategy covered when it comes to the youth? Think again...

8 Jul 2016

The youth: Instapreneurs and socially important persons

With direct youth spend in South Africa sitting at a hefty R130bn per annum, marketers need to sit up and take notice of the youth market. They are not just 'the future' as we are often told - they are 'the now'...

By David Blyth, Issued by Yellowwood Future Architects 8 Jul 2016

Mother Tongue paper does it for the youth, by the youth

18 July will see the launch of Caxton's newest baby: Mother Tongue - a paper for the youth, by the youth...

Issued by Caxton Magazines 7 Jul 2016

New Generation Awards adds judges, new categories

The judging panel for this year's New Generation Awards has grown from five to ten - a collective of diverse and experienced creative, client and tech minds, to ensure diverse opinion and unbiased input on each entry...

7 Jul 2016

A haunting solution for the student market

The student market is a tough crowd. So, if you're a brand marketing to students, how do you surprise, engage and coerce them? You box clever...

Issued by M&C Saatchi Abel 5 Jul 2016

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