Recruiting power and potential in the youth - Global Citizen

Ruramai Musekiwa is a versatile creative based in South Africa. She describes herself as a 'creative activist' who is passionate about utilizing creative mediums to address social ills and cultivate positive narratives...

Issued by OnPoint PR 3 days ago

Affluent Afrillennials choose brands with social conscience

Africa's affluent millennials look to brands to make positive change, according to BBC survey...

31 Oct 2018

What remains when Ocsober fades away

Ocsober has come to an end and whether you are part of the movement that went the alcohol-free route, the camp that started or the camp that never joined, you have interacted with the hashtag or heard about it...

By Kgomotso Mokobi, Issued by HDI Youth Consultancy 31 Oct 2018

The generation gap - Who is who?

Media strategist, Belinda Kayton, looks at the differences between Xers and millennials and highlights quite a few differences...

By Belinda Kayton 31 Oct 2018

Bizcommunity Recruitment in Africa Focus

A comprehensive B2B Recruitment Focus from December 2018 to February 2019 will ensure that Bizcommunity is the go-to destination for all the B2B news you'll need to plan your HR and recruitment strategies in 2019...

Issued by 23 Oct 2018

What Generation Z wants - how to attract the "next" generation to your brand and business

Millennials are already in their mid-thirties. It's time for brands and businesses to shift focus to the next generation, Generation Z...

By Bronwyn Williams 17 Oct 2018

Generation born from 1993 onwards dubbed Centennials

Youth agency Student Village's latest Youth Culture Report revealed that the new generation, born from 1993 onwards, no longer fit into the 'millennials' category...

15 Oct 2018

Youth perspectives: Pet peeves and thrills of brand content on social media

It's time for the millennials to step aside, because Generation Z, the most connected generation of our time has already entered the workforce...

By Carmen Murray 15 Oct 2018

Social media: is it really to blame for young people being lonelier than any other age group?

Young people are lonelier than all other age groups, according to recent findings from the BBC Loneliness Experiment...

By Rebecca Nowland 5 Oct 2018

Heritage Month is just a flash in the pan if brands are to win with the youth

As Heritage Month becomes a memory in the mind of consumers, one has to wonder if brands have properly used the occasion to cement their identity and position with the youth market.

Issued by HDI Youth Consultancy 2 Oct 2018

BizTrends 2019 is here!

2019 is almost here and with it your annual invitation to join BizTrends...

Issued by 27 Sep 2018

Comic Con Africa is a marker for a thundering shift

If you've been paying any attention to how quickly the world is evolving, you'll know that young people are no longer happy to be second-class citizens...

By Cuma Pantshwa, Issued by HDI Youth Consultancy 18 Sep 2018

Give your brand the space to grow on Bizcommunity

Give your brand the space to blossom on the biggest B2B website, catering to 18 professional industry sectors and niche audiences across Africa...

Issued by 14 Sep 2018

#YouthReport2018: Smarter-than-you-think millennial coping strategies and life hacks

Not familiar with brand polygamy, Finstagram and Twitter suicides? You're not alone. In the final session at the launch of the UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing's Youth Report 2018, Dali Tembo, MD of Instant Grass International, explained how marketers can tap into the coping strategies of today's youth...

By Leigh Andrews 11 Sep 2018

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