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David Blyth
Marketing to SA's youth: Seven ways to fly or fail

Gone are the days of children being seen and not heard. Today's youth have a voice and they are not scared to use it. The problem, at times, is that we're not yet listening. We should be...

By David Blyth, Issued by Yellowwood Future Architects 2 days ago

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#BrandManagerMonth: Mokebe Thulo on marketing to millennials

Face-to-face engagement is the way to speak to our young people, says Mokebe Thulo, portfolio manager of HDI Youth Marketeers, who recently spoke on the Sunday Times Generation Next study at the Future-Ready Marketing Conference on Thursday, 10 March at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Rosebank, Johannesburg...

By Jessica Taylor 16 Mar 2016

Jason Levin
[Secrets of success] Good old-fashioned values and service deliver winning formula

At last years' Financial Mail Annual Ad Focus Awards, HDI Youth Marketeers were awarded the Partnership Award for their work with Pick n Pay...

By Ann Nurock 10 Mar 2016

Why Generation Y run away and how to make them stay
Why Generation Y run away and how to make them stay

A 2012 study by Millennial Branding predicted that by 2025, 75% of the workforce will consist of millennials. Also known as Generation Y, millennials have been weaned on digital technology...

By Lidia van Wyk 16 Feb 2016

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Ever wanted a career where you could save the world and make money?

The world as we knew it has changed. Remember the days when all your phone did was send a text, make a phone call and possibly play a very low-tech game, like snake...?

By Kanchana Moodliar 15 Dec 2015

Three ways brands can use Snapchat
Three ways brands can use Snapchat

Generation Z is all about snackable content, straight to the point campaigns that don't take too much of their time. Why? Because people have the attention span of a goldfish...

By Beverley Klein 11 Dec 2015

David Blyth
A youth lost in translation

Today's young adults have more disposable income than the generations that have come before them. While marketers want to draw in the under-23s, they need to be aware that this is a heterogeneous group with mercurial tastes...

By David Blyth, Issued by Yellowwood Future Architects 6 Nov 2015

The seven Rs of marketing to the youth in South Africa
The seven Rs of marketing to the youth in South Africa

Not only are young South Africans becoming more aware of current and important news stories and issues facing their world, but there is also a heightened sense of awareness of those less fortunate than themselves...

By Mike dos Santos 14 Oct 2015

Marketing to the youth in South Africa: Changing the rules of engagement
Marketing to the youth in South Africa: Changing the rules of engagement

In terms of segment size and buying power, the "youth market" are of great significance to marketers, with roughly half of South Africa's population being under the age of 24 and the most recent annual spend for consumers aged 8-23 being estimated at around R111bn...

By Mike dos Santos 14 Sep 2015

Youth marketers: Use these seven tips to boost marketing results
Youth marketers: Use these seven tips to boost marketing results

Each generation has unique demographics, experiences, history, lifestyles, values and expectations that influence their buying behaviours...

By Antoinette Pombo 5 Sep 2015

Marketing to millennials - selfies, hashtags and retweets
Marketing to millennials - selfies, hashtags and retweets

Millennials are self-centred. They love selfies, and hashtags, and sharing all their life moments online. And as they reach their prime working and spending years, brands are now faced with a huge opportunity to appeal to this consumer market...

By Michele Warbreck 11 Aug 2015

Kasi-youth: Disillusioned or empowered?
Kasi-youth: Disillusioned or empowered?

Delivering the keynote address at the National Youth Day celebrations in Pretoria, Zuma placed the importance of education at the centre of his speech followed by the importance of job creation.

By Amelia Richards 25 Jun 2015

Antoinette Pombo
South Africa is increasingly becoming a parentless society!

According to 2010 research by Union for African Population Studies, 38.7% of South African adolescents have at least one parent absent in their household...

By Antoinette Pombo 23 Jun 2015

The real issue behind youth unemployment in SA
The real issue behind youth unemployment in SA

Earlier this year, Business Day put the spotlight on the gravity of South Africa's unemployment problem. It's worse than it seems...

By Antoinette Pombo 9 Jun 2015

Close up and personal with the Generation Z
Close up and personal with the Generation Z

In South Africa, our Generation Z falls into another category, that which we call 'born frees' to highlight the fact that they were born after the country attained democracy in 1994...

By Thabang Leshilo 9 Jun 2015

Banele Rewo
Talking about youth marketing, is not being about the youth

After all the conferences, seminars and talks have been attended, marketing and brand managers have drawn up graphs and scrutinised the numbers on the next sure fire formula to sell to the youth, there is one glaring deficit: Talking about it is not being about it...

By Banele Rewo 8 Jun 2015

Back to their roots
Back to their roots

Family is what the youth cannot live without. This is one of the key findings of the Sunday Times Generation Next Study. This was in response to the question about what things respondents cannot live without...

By Danette Breitenbach 14 May 2015

Antoinette Pombo
Youth marketers, here's why traditional advertising doesn't cut it anymore...

If you still believe that paying hundreds of thousands of rands for billboard advertising is getting the job done, do the following experiment...

By Antoinette Pombo 1 May 2015

Arno Kemp
Millennials and the multi-generational workforce

Millennials (born roughly between 1981 and 2000) are often depicted as entitled, lazy, disrespectful, and even narcissistic, but we need to question whther that's really an accurate portrayal...

By Arno Kemp 12 Mar 2015

Antoinette Pombo
Is South Africa differentiating itself from Africa for the wrong reasons?

Why is it that South Africans have adopted a culture of expecting handouts? Contrary to common belief, handouts are not an inherent African ethos...

By Antoinette Pombo 11 Mar 2015

Bizcommunity congratulates RYSMI graduates
Bizcommunity congratulates RYSMI graduates

On Friday, 20 February 2015, industry guests were invited to view the fruits of the R&Y Springboard Marketing Institute (RYSMI)...

By Terry Levin 23 Feb 2015

Engaging with connected consumers - Part 2
Engaging with connected consumers - Part 2

It took 14 years to sell 40 million laptops, but only four years to sell 40 million tablets...

By Danette Breitenbach 12 Feb 2015

Antoinette Pombo
Why you should be paying attention to the rise of the millennials

Millennials are commonly defined as those born between 1981 and 1996. That currently puts them at between 19 and 34 years of age...

By Antoinette Pombo 8 Feb 2015

Marketing to millennials
Marketing to millennials

Around 10 million South Africans are aged between 18 and 33. These are the millennials, also known as Generation Y, and if you aren't factoring them into your marketing strategies already, you'd better hop to it...

By Nicholas Barenblatt 30 Jan 2015

Antoinette Pombo
Are you missing a big part of the puzzle in your youth marketing strategy?

There's no doubt, the marketing of goods and services have undergone a profound transformation over the past 15 years...

By Antoinette Pombo 9 Dec 2014

AdFocus Awards 2014: Twice as nice for Joe Public
AdFocus Awards 2014: Twice as nice for Joe Public

The AdFocus Awards took place on 26 November 2014 at the The Fifth Room in Rivonia, Johannesburg, with Joe Public walking away with two big awards...

By Danette Breitenbach 27 Nov 2014

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Reinventing out of home

Brands must shift their perceptions of OOH media - but so must the industry - shifting from the traditional poster to the interactive poster and real-time digital networks...

By Danette Breitenbach 12 Sep 2014

Danette Breitenbach
Eugene... the new face of banking radio?

Radio has long been the battlefield for banking. Over the past couple of years the banking sector, because of some guy called Steve, became even more competitive.

By Danette Breitenbach 29 Aug 2014

The Phakama Women's Academy inaugural Class of 2014. Absent: Zaza Williams Gugu Duma @Shannon Sandilands @Nomonde Maroga. (Image extracted from the )
New CSI initiative empowers young women in marketing sector

A new initiative focusing on empowering young women entering the marketing sector with on the job skills has been launched in Gauteng.

By Danette Breitenbach 28 Jul 2014

Sid Peimer
There will be no (South) African Spring

Clem Sunter points out a number of red flags that will lead us to a ruinous state. The flags include nationalisation, gagging the media and land grabs.

By Sid Peimer 17 Jul 2014

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