Placing your audience engagement on an exponential growth path
Placing your audience engagement on an exponential growth path

If you thought audience engagement was an intangible, immeasurable aspect of marketing, best you download the Exponential white paper on this topic, stat, to save your campaigns from stagnating...

By Leigh Andrews 9 Oct 2015 12:00

[NewsMaker] Lesley Waterkeyn
[NewsMaker] Lesley Waterkeyn

Lesley Waterkeyn is the founder of Colourworks marketing agency. She has launched 'Over the Rainbow', a social enterprise aimed at empowering new South African entrepreneurs, with education specialist Sandy van Dyk. They are currently co-authoring their first business book, 'Over The Rainbow, 7 steps to a sustainable business'.

By Louise Marsland 7 Oct 2015 10:35

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Two things they forgot to tell you about your media plan

If you were to ask most junior (and perhaps a few senior) media planners what "MPX" and "APX" are, they'd either look blank or suggest "radio stations perhaps?" I don't know why these terms have fallen into disuse because they're solid, basic, research protocols...

By Chris Brewer 5 Oct 2015 12:00

Township at sunset © Peter Wollinga –
The township talk: getting to know your consumers

With its founder going so far as to state the LSM isn't being used correctly, how do you get to know your consumers based in the townships? By holding daily, meaningful conversations with them, says Brands Laduma CEO Peter du Toit...

By Leigh Andrews 5 Oct 2015 12:00

Verashni Pillay
EXCLUSIVE: Verashni Pillay new M&G Editor-in-Chief

The Mail & Guardian has appointed seasoned journalist, editor and digital strategist Verashni Pillay as its new Editor-in-Chief to reinvigorate the brand and steer the publication "back to its roots", following a raft of retrenchments, recent cutbacks and falling circulation...

By Louise Marsland 5 Oct 2015 10:00

©Uliya Stankevych via 123RF
South Africa needs more creative B2B writers

When I meet people for the first time and they ask what I do for a living, "I'm a copywriter" usually gets a great reception. But when I clarify that I write about technology that makes life easier for people to do their jobs (Sales and Marketing software in particular), things get a bit awkward. It just sounds so boring doesn't it?

By Taryn Netterville 5 Oct 2015 09:01

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Your speech - brilliant or boring

We've all had that moment, whether at a wedding, presentation, conference or the boss's announcement, when our heart sinks at the mention of the word 'speech'! Because let's face it, very few people, Obama excepted, can really give a knockout speech.

By Marion Scher 2 Oct 2015 13:11

Screenshots from the Gloria/Glorious and Tony/Antonio Tropika ads
'Smooothing' into the new Tropika tagline

"When I eat a pie I'm Gloria, when I eat a pie with Tropika I'm Glorioussss!" You either love it or hate it - whatever the case, the new Tropika ads are certainly being noticed. Even better? They're incorporating Vines as an as-yet untapped social media platform for brands into the latest tactical campaign that it's 'best with meals' - here's how...

By Leigh Andrews 2 Oct 2015 12:00

©Ivan Opacak via 123RF
Traditional brand building in the modern times

Growing up in the 80s, both in the rural and later in the township environment, Unilever used to treat us to free bioskop sessions at local shops where we watched the brilliant washing performances of Omo or Surf washing powder, and people would win branded washing basins, branded towels and various product hampers, provided they were able to answer brand-related questions correctly.

By Musa Msane 2 Oct 2015 10:19

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12 tips for landing a job in digital

Working in digital offers creative minds the best possible balance of work and play - not only because of the innovative nature of the industry, but also because of the laid back culture that surrounds it.

By Jana Krige 1 Oct 2015 08:22

Why promotional branded t-shirts make good pyjamas...

The first thing that comes to mind when we think "promotional give away" is branded t-shirts.

By Mogorosi Mashilo 30 Sep 2015 09:43

[Digital Marketing] Three challenges with digital and how to solve them
[Digital Marketing] Three challenges with digital and how to solve them

"People still can't agree on what digital means."

By Dale Imerman, Issued by The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) 27 Aug 2015 07:37

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