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#SustainabilityMonth: Tap into new-generation thinking or stagnate

This month's New Generation Awards saw G&G Digital named winner of nine awards for clients, including overall agency of the year. Here, executive creative director, Desiree Gullan explains the importance of digital interaction in the current climate of constant community engagement.

By Leigh Andrews 12 hours ago

Twiga Communications launches new Rummikub game
Twiga Communications launches new Rummikub game

Boutique PR agency Twiga Communications recently launched the new boardgame Rummikub with a Twist, to the South African market.

Issued by Twiga Communications 12 hours ago

Measure people not ships
Measure people not ships

A few weeks back I joined the bi-annual media pilgrimage to Bryanston Country Club to attend the launch of the final AMPS report and to witness the end of an era.

By Gordon Muller 1 day ago

Groping in the dark
Groping in the dark

There is a good reason why the ad industry has a poor understanding of social media and the way consumers interact with the internet. It's called "high-speed technology advancement".

By Chris Brewer 1 day ago

Creative strategists - fact or fantasy?
Creative strategists - fact or fantasy?

In a business world that prizes "return on investment" just as much as "thinking outside the box," it makes perfect sense for companies to create a position for that illusive unicorn, the 'creative strategist'.

By Mari-Louise Kaplan 1 day ago

Khuthalani Khumalo
The (elusive) art of writing a brief

I started working at the age of eighteen - thrust into the fast pace of a large advertising agency in a very small town, at a time when knowing how to send a fax was listed as a skill on your CV. Everything was done by hand - and there was only one computer in the building where everyone (CEO included) would take turns in reading their emails). Oh, for the nostalgia of those good old days, when yes meant yes, and you showed you liked something by saying so verbally.

By Khuthalani Khumalo 21 Oct 2016

Image by 123RF
#TRENDING: Why the PR industry needs to hire journalists and editors

Just this past week, I've had to correct grammar, fix spelling mistakes and rewrite press releases to make PR clients look better than they were portrayed, and to head off a potential social media storm. I also had to send a press release back with suggestions on how to make it newsworthy so that I could publish it. This is not my job, I'm not a PRO.

By Louise Marsland 21 Oct 2016

The SpaceStation purchases SouthernX
The SpaceStation purchases SouthernX

SouthernX will be fully integrated into The SpaceStation as of 1 November to form a wholly publisher-owned private media marketplace within Media24. This move will mean that The SpaceStation will be the only media sales house with expertise in both premium (including native) and programmatic, with the breadth and depth of inventory to back it up. Gustav Goosen, CEO of The SpaceStation, says: "We are thrilled to have SouthernX on board and cannot wait to see the benefits of our range of programmatic offers roll out for our clients."

Issued by The SpaceStation 21 Oct 2016

Jeri Curry, president and CEO, Enset (Image source: YouTube)
Why NGOs need to embrace digital now

From garnering greater support through transparency to building online credibility with funders, and having a platform to maximise sharing of their authentic stories, NGOs can only benefit from having a sound web presence.

By Sindy Peters 21 Oct 2016

Changing the face of business
Changing the face of business

The face of business is changing and in keeping with that change Times Media has redesigned its main print products and recently launched BusinessLIVE, a website that consolidates content, business and financial audiences.

By Danette Breitenbach 20 Oct 2016

#BeyondRetail2016: Prepare for self-service and personalised promotions
#BeyondRetail2016: Prepare for self-service and personalised promotions

Two retailers delighted attendees at this year's Beyond Retail event by speaking of what may sound like futuristic plans but in reality is already on offer locally - the self-service checkout, the true power of private label products and winning customer loyalty with personalised promotions.

By Leigh Andrews 20 Oct 2016

John Cooney, Rob Stokes and some of the Red & Yellow School's magic makers.
Red & Yellow bid farewell to John Cooney

Last week, the Red & Yellow School of Logic and Magic held its first ever Alumni Reunion at the launch of its Alumni Association chaired by Philip Ireland of Ireland Davenport. The event included a notable send-off for John Cooney, who played a vital role in developing the school.

By Pasqua Heard 17 Oct 2016

A renaissance in the Mother City

The increase of agency mergers in Cape Town - the White House and Johannesburg's AM-C formed DDB SA, the 3D Agency and IMA came together as Blueprint, and Young & Rubicam acquiredTholet Sievers to form Y&R Tholet - has played a big role in the renaissance of Cape advertising which began last year.

27 Jun 2001

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