Microplastics. Image by Oregon State University, CC BY-SA 2.0,
We are guinea pigs in a worldwide experiment on microplastics

One of the main problems with plastics is that although we may only need them fleetingly - seconds in the case of microbeads in personal care products, or minutes as in plastic grocery bags - they stick around for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, much of this plastic ends up as environmental pollution. We've all seen the gruesome images of a sea turtle killed by a plastic bag, or the array of bottle caps, toothbrush fragments, and other plastic items found in the stomach of an albatross carcass. But what about the tiny microplastics that aren't as readily visible?

By John Meeker 1 day ago

Karien Bornheim, founder and CEO, Footprint Africa Business Solutions
Using IoT to solve the healthcare puzzle

Footprint Africa Business Solutions (FABS) moves from IoT development into healthcare by creating Doc-in-a-box and brings a plethora of medical tools and technologies for those living and working in rural areas.

3 days ago