Sufyan Mkwanda
Microsoft has finally listened: Windows 10 is here

[Sufyan Mkwanda] If you are like me and adapt to change easily you will love this post. If not, you will have to broaden your horizons and adapt as technology is constantly changing...

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Keith Fenner
How the 'Third Platform' will bring disruption, change and opportunity to your business

[Keith Fenner] The third platform is currently described as the convergence of four technology trends on business. These trends are mobility, cloud, social and big data - they fundamentally change the way people and businesses relate to technology...

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Drew van Vuuren
Why the new ID cards are a safe bet

[Drew van Vuuren] In 2012, the government announced plans to adopt a new identification (ID) system, which would replace the existing green ID booklet with a smart electronic ID card. I personally welcome the move to a more secure form of ID, in hope that it will help to combat the high levels of fraud, which now reportedly costs our economy on average R1 billion per year.

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Gys Kappers
Role of social business software in delivering innovation

[Gys Kappers] Businesses today operate within a dynamic environment, shaped by variables, such as evolving legislation, globalisation and economic volatility. Disruptive new technologies create new competitors overnight and the only way to get and stay in front is constantly to innovate.

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Roelof Louw
Going cloud - addressing the data centre dilemma

[Roelof Louw] Many organisations are acknowledging the benefits of migrating to the cloud and are seeing their competitors either considering this option or having already made the move. For small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the decision is easy as the path to migrate is less onerous and considerably less complex.

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Bruce von Maltitz
The true cost of freeware

[Bruce von Maltitz] Smaller or new call centres are often lured by the promise of free call centre software that can be downloaded and cobbled together by an "IT professional", thus reducing their initial capex investment.

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Gary Allemann
Big Data - what's the big deal and why is data quality so important?

[Gary Allemann] In today's world volumes of data are rapidly expanding, and the nature of this data is more varied and complex than ever before. While this concept of Big Data brings with it numerous possibilities and insights for organisations, it also brings many challenges, particularly around the management and quality of data.

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