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Avoid these five common digital media mistakes

[Matthew Arnold] Digital media is a crucial part of today's marketing mix. While it is important to ensure that you have a digital media plan to support your campaign...

Posted 12 hours ago | Like
Measuring your marketing impact

[Charles Stretch] While spreadsheets and dashboards are nice, actually being able to prove your marketing works is far more useful...

Posted 13 hours ago | Like
Big data, big advantages

[Simon Campbell-Young] Big data promises numerous benefits, such as competitive advantages, productivity growth, operational efficiency and innovation...

Posted 14 hours ago | Like
It's all about ME!!!

[Charles Maynard] I am writing this article to make marketers aware of what I have dubbed "The Me Generation"...

Posted 1 day ago | Like
Time to lay these digital publishing myths to rest

[Pierre Cassuto] Digital publishing and advertising is a sophisticated, high-tech industry where we have an array of statistics and metrics at our fingertips...

Posted 1 day ago | Like (2)
Creating the elusive single customer view

[Gary Allemann] Many organisations are investing significant sums and extensive time into implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for their purported ability to deliver improved customer relations and client retention...

Posted 1 day ago | Like
Does your social media team know the CPA?

[Gareth Cremen] Companies who have client-facing staff either online or offline should ensure that every staff member has a basic working knowledge of the Consumer Protection Act...

Posted 1 day ago | Like
Accurate databases boost insurance sales

[Louise Robinson] There is no doubt that knowledge is power, and any compilation of information is valuable. Databases are extremely hot commodities...

Posted 5 days ago | Like
Reap what ye sow

[Louise Marsland] A few years ago, international trends forecaster, Li Edelkoort told a Design Indaba audience to "go farming".

Posted 4 days ago | Like
It's all in the logo

[Jay Clark] A logo is simply well thought out art to be acknowledged by all who view it. The first impression the majority of consumers experience with a brand is through the logo. Hence it becomes your trademark...

Posted 4 days ago | Like
Augmented reality could rejuvenate print

[Diane Charton] As South African newspapers and magazines come under increasing pressure from digital competition, so must they look to digital innovations such as augmented reality to rejuvenate their business models.

Posted 4 days ago | Like (1)
Consumer Science lands in SA

[Danette Breitenbach] Mondelez International has opened a new Sensory Laboratory in South Africa.

Posted 4 days ago | Like (2)
The future of communicating in a digital space

[Laurie Sloan] Mobile technology is significantly changing the way businesses interact with their customers, and to put it simply, engagement is everything...

Posted 4 days ago | Like
A salesman that never sleeps: The persuasive power of video

[Adrian Burger] In a global marketplace where people are bombarded with a neverending stream of information, how do you ensure the value of your offering stands out and is understood?

Posted 5 days ago | Like (1)
There will be no (South) African Spring

[Sid Peimer] Clem Sunter points out a number of red flags that will lead us to a ruinous state. The flags include nationalisation, gagging the media and land grabs.

Posted 5 days ago | Like (1)
The Billentis Report 2014 - The salient points - Striata SA

[Michael Wright] Striata, a specialist in secure customer communications management is once again a sponsor of the Billentis report. This year the focus is on 'E-Invoicing/E-Billing - Key stakeholders as game changers.

Posted 6 days ago | Like (1)
Six things your website should do for you

[Chemory Gunko] If there's one thing that B2B marketing has taught me, it's that your marketing collateral is actually one of your most important business tools...

Posted 6 days ago | Like (5)
Moving Tactics launches South Africa's first full-service digital activation company - Moving Tactics

[Kevin Bierman] Moving Tactics, a leading South African digital signage solutions company, has recently launched Digital Impact, an activation division that specialises in short-term, rental and campaign-based advertising solutions...

Posted 6 days ago | Like (1)
Prioritising responsive design

[Greg Wright] Responsive design isn't as hot a topic as it was earlier in 2013, but its importance for businesses and brands couldn't be more paramount than it is now...

Posted 6 days ago | Like (2)