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Experiencing Africa's greenest hotel

[Ilse van den Berg] Probably the worst thing after a missing a flight is catching one of those dreaded 6am flights from Cape Town to Jozi or Durbs. Not only does it mean you have to at least be at the airport by 5:20am (if you checked in online), but if you live as far as Fish Hoek or Brackenfell, you have to get up at like 3:30am. No one should have to do that!

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Become a fan of Fancourt

[Ruth Cooper] Imagine soft green mounds, rolling hills, wispy clouds, the gentle caress of the sun on your cheek, the sound of chirping birds and the nee-yow of golf carts in the distance. Imagine this and you might have a pretty good idea of what it might be like to stand overlooking the lush green grounds of Fancourt, the premier leisure resort on the Garden Route on a still-and-sunny winter's day morning.

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Wined, dined and treated fine at the The Twelve Apostles

[Ruth Cooper] The Red Carnation's The Twelve Apostles fine attention to detail and preference catering starts way before you arrive at this five-star boutique hotel and spa. Once a reservation is confirmed, so are your personal room preferences.

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Le good life at Le Franschhoek

[Ruth Cooper] Franschhoek has always been a town I felt an affinity towards; the sophisticated French cousin to my hip Mother City if you will. With great food, wine, art, culture and scenery it's hard not to be seduced by her many charms.

Posted 2 months ago | Like (1)
A touch of magic at Majeka House

[Ruth Cooper] Magic House might be a more appropriate name for this Stellenbosch boutique hotel and spa. Filled with quirky touches, inspired décor, uniquely and individually themed rooms and a masterpiece of a menu.

Posted 2 months ago | Like (1)
Relax and recharge at De Hoop

[Ruth Cooper] If yearning for a quiet and remote getaway surrounded by spectacular nature, yet still privy to a few basic luxuries, then the De Hoop Nature Reserve, a world heritage site situated in the Overberg region just a few hours' drive from Cape Town might be just what you're looking for.

Posted 2 months ago | Like (1)
Add a little spice to your life at the Pepper Club

[Ruth Cooper] Situated in the beating heart of Cape Town, one street above iconic Long Street, the Pepper Club Hotel and Spa caters to a trendy and jet-setting clientele.

Posted 2 months ago | Like
Magical world of bucket list destinations

[Henrie Geyser: motoring editor] After more than 10 years of criss-crossing Southern Africa as the Bush Editor of SA4x4 magazine Patrick Cruywagen has produced a fascinating collection of 150 'must-do-at-least-once-in-your-lifetime' destinations and activities that throws down the gauntlet to everybody with a love for travel and new experiences.

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Married in Mauritius

[Rod Baker] No, not Seattle... Mauritius, though cynics might suggest that wherever it's intoned, the longest sentence in the English language is "I do"*.

Posted 4 months ago | Like (1)
Ambre - 4-star with 5-star service

[Rod Baker] Feel like a getaway without the kids? Feel like getting married and need a romantic venue? Try Ambre... now Adults Only

Posted 4 months ago | Like (1)
Fit for Caesar

[Brian Berkman] The Emperors Palace complex by hotel group Peermont provides a number of hotels, casino, entertainment centre and a convention centre where I was attending an event.

Posted 7 months ago | Like
Immortal Tuscany

[A. Field] If one is going to cheat death and live forever, it might as well be in Tuscany, says luxury traveller A Field.

Posted 9 months ago | Like
Super small town info guide

[Henrie Geyser: motoring editor] Grab a copy of Things to do in a Dorp - a highly informative and entertaining guide to 150 favourite local small towns.

Posted 10 months ago | Like
The grass is greener at Oudebosch

[Eugene Yiga] A two-day corporate retreat. In the wilderness. In the middle of winter. Little did I know that what initially sounded a bit unappealing would turn into the perfect break!

Posted 12 months ago | Like
Alluvia, not just a pretty face

[Sindy Peters] Treated with the honeymoon suite at the Alluvia Wine Estate, there was very little to complain about - it's a truly magical setting. Blessed with a sunny day in the middle of winter, we were lured into the "vineyard lifestyle".

Posted 1 year ago | Like
Beat the bulge with Bodytec

[Natalie Swain] Bodytec claims to offer a revolutionary alternative to regular exercise. This may be music to the ears of the gym-weary and the gym-wary alike. Bodytec could be the ideal ally in the fight against packing on winter weight.

Posted 1 year ago | Like
Mucking afazing trailers at Old Mac Daddy

[Sindy Peters] Charly's Bakery has been around the proverbial block in Cape Town over the years, finally finding a home in The Fringe. Famous for its cakes and quiche, the TV show opened up the bakery's oven doors to an international audience, but now Charly's has boldly gone where no bakery's gone before - to a trailer park.

Posted 1 year ago | Like
Cast your Ey over this...

[Brian Berkman] Be it the fault of the song One Night in Bangkok or Patpong Road in the big city, talk Thai massage and most people start to snigger into their sleeves making jokes about happy endings.

Posted 1 year ago | Like
Finding your dream career

[Lauren Ratcliffe] Recently I've been thinking about how much I absolutely love, adore, thrive, breathe, eat and sleep the work that I do. And how unbelievably annoying that must be for most people I know.

Posted 1 year ago | Like (1)
Cut-and-polished tour of the Cape Town Diamond Museum

[Sindy Peters] Did you know the diamond you're rocking on your ring finger started forming billions of years ago? That's right, billions - way before dinosaurs walked upon Earth. The Cape Town Diamond Museum at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town offers many more interesting facts about one of our most precious stones.

Posted 1 year ago | Like (1)