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Christopher Smith
The importance of content marketing

[Christopher Smith] A recent study showed that the average consumer visits over 2,500 websites per year. The study showed that video and rich content such as graphics and images kept the users attention on the website...

Posted 12 hours ago | Like
Louise Marsland
Please let there be kittens...

Please let there be kittens...[Louise Marsland] My calendar highlights every year are firstly, Design Indaba and secondly, The Loerie Awards, which heralds summer, self-tan, highlights, fabulous shoes and great advertising of course...

Posted 14 hours ago | Like (1)
Donna Rachelson
How to handle conflict in the workplace - Branding and Marketing YOU

[Donna Rachelson] You might be very good at what you do, but if you handle office politics unwisely, it will get people's tongues wagging, and that can do great damage to your personal brand...

Posted 14 hours ago | Like
Thamsanqa Malinga
C'mon now, what breaking news is this?

[Thamsanqa Malinga] The "Breaking News" puller seems to be the one thing most online and social media reporters have taken to in the scrimmage for the highly sought after reader...

Posted 17 hours ago | Like
Nozibele Zondi
Looking back: 20 years of African language radio

[Nozibele Zondi] I grew up in the Eastern Cape in the 80s, we used to listen to Radio Xhosa, (now called Umhlobo Wenene) and it was the only radio station we knew...

Posted 18 hours ago | Like (1)
Kevin Lourens
In advertising, great work is not enough to succeed - NATIVE VML

[Kevin Lourens] To succeed in advertising, it is not enough to do great work. While you cannot succeed without it, the relationship with the client underpins everything, from how the work is created and how it is received...

Posted 1 day ago | Like (2)
Sid Peimer
The world's funniest joke - its implications for brands

The world's funniest joke - its implications for brands[Sid Peimer] The "world's funniest joke" was exhaustively researched by Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire. The reason for the research was to discover the joke that had the widest appeal...

Posted 1 day ago | Like (1)
Louise Robinson
Sales is a numbers game

[Louise Robinson] Telesales staff have one of the toughest assignments in the sales department. They call many people on a daily basis, and more often than not, get abused for their trouble. Why do they do it? Because it works...

Posted 8 days ago | Like
Lauretta Ngakane
Implementing data-driven marketing

[Lauretta Ngakane] In August this year, the DMASA (Direct Marketing Association of South Africa) welcomed Pegg Nadler to give two one-day workshops on data-driven marketing...

Posted 5 days ago | Like
Janine Hills
The balanced perspective of turning a crisis into an opportunity

[Janine Hills] A company that weathers a crisis well, understands that adversity is a concealed opportunity for growth or change...

Posted 6 days ago | Like
Louise Marsland
The meme that took a bite out of Apple

[Louise Marsland] Have you heard the one about 'scarf guy'? Or were you too busy posting some of the 1,400 tweets per hour at the start of the #OscarTrial judgment, Thursday? One of the biggest talking points this past week was the 'Apple scarf guy'...

Posted 1 day ago | Like (1)
Elton Ollerhead
Multichannel campaigns work

[Elton Ollerhead] Grabbing and holding the attention of a modern consumer can be likened to grabbing and holding the attention of a two-year old...

Posted 2 days ago | Like
Chris Moerdyk
Massive shifts in marketing landscape good for business

[Chris Moerdyk] There is absolutely no doubt that the era of the marketer has arrived in the corporate world. That is, for marketers who are prepared to shift massive paradigms...

Posted 1 day ago | Like (1)
Veruschka Khan
Advertising is about getting the traffic-demographic equation right...are you?

[Veruschka Khan] Why the biggest sites in South Africa might be the ones you have never considered advertising on (until now)...

Posted 4 days ago | Like (2)
Natasha Wright
Bye-bye birdie - new food law challenges

[Natasha Wright] The topic of advertising of unhealthy foodstuffs to children, and its contribution to obesity and disease amongst the target audience, has been an ongoing debate for years...

Posted 5 days ago | Like
Louise Marsland
[NewsMaker] James Burton

[NewsMaker] James Burton[Louise Marsland] James Burton is the CEO of Hero, an integrated marketing communications agency which is a group of companies that includes sub brands: Hero AV, Black Spade Racing,, Medialoop and The Broccoli Project...

Posted 5 days ago | Like
Danette Breitenbach
Reinventing out of home

[Danette Breitenbach] Brands must shift their perceptions of OOH media - but so must the industry - shifting from the traditional poster to the interactive poster and real-time digital networks...

Posted 4 days ago | Like (1)
Clive Vanderwagen
Why magazines?

[Clive Vanderwagen] As far back as 1928, as radio was sweeping the world, media pundits were predicting the death of print and, with it, the demise of serious reporting...

Posted 5 days ago | Like
Mbongeleni Hlomuka
Customisation - for the big boys it's the best thing since sliced bread

[Mbongeleni Hlomuka] Why should I be stuck with what the chef decided...? I can't wait to build my own burger on home ground...

Posted 5 days ago | Like