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Why embracing new trends in photography is vital to stay relevant, successful and in business!

[Peter Morey] After 23 years as a professional photographer, I'm always mindful of the importance of being willing to continually adapt to new trends...

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Excellence through e-learning

[Jacques Storm] South Africa's mature domestic BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) market means that we boast a large pool of world-class expertise in the financial services, telecommunications and legal domains...

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Cloud computing and its potential for software development companies

[Rudolph von Abo] What is the cloud? How do I connect to the cloud? What can the cloud do for me?

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Encouraging consumers to increase basket size

[Louise Marsland] How many times have you walked out of a shop with everything but the one item you actually went in to buy? Or been unable to resist 'temptation aisle' at the tills, buying the snacks you didn't intend to? It's all designed that way...

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Upwardly mobile e-motion - Ole! Media

[Deseré Orrill] Mobile money has fast-tracked socio-economic development in emerging markets and, promoted freedom of choice and enterprise development but, how long before regulations throttle financial inclusion?

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SABC plan is antithesis of open journalism

[Anton Harber] On a recent visit here, The Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger spoke of the concept of "open journalism"...

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The social World Cup - NATIVE VML

[Donovan White] Donovan White, social media strategist at NATIVE VML, supplies some insights regarding social media around the FIFA World Cup.

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How speech analytics is changing the contact centre

[Gert Swart] Contact centres, like most contemporary companies, have to deal with ever increasing quantities of data, with the number call recordings, analytics and other metrics being added daily...

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What should a modern marketing manager be able to do?

[Chemory Gunko] Many marketing people placed in companies are juniors, if they even exist at all - or the role is just not taken seriously at all by anyone internally...

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[Habari #Tuongee2014] The creative adult is the child who survived

[Ilse van den Berg] Habari Media's Insights and Innovations Director, Byron John, covered the topic of creativity at this year's Habari Media Tuongee which took place from 17-18 July...

Posted 1 day ago | Like (2)
Johann Nortje
[Marketing & Media] From fake profiles to self-obsession, social media affects us all. The problem lies in how it affects things, like an actor getting a job because he has more Twitter followers than the other hopefuls.
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The selfie - NATIVE VML

[Jason Xenopoulos] It is tempting to dismiss selfies as a passing fad... but the selfie is important because it is not just a portrait of ourselves, but a portrait of our times as well...

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From collecting water to connecting the world - Apurimac

[Will Green] "You don't understand what you have until it is taken away from you." For me, this quote means a lot more since... I lost my cellphone. And with it, my connection...

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802 words to help event planners increase their event attendance

[Terry Sutherland] Every single event planner wants to ensure that their events are well attended. Whether you're tasked with running an exclusive product launch or a high-profile awards evening...

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[Habari #Tuongee2014] Back to the future of digital

[Ilse van den Berg] The fourth annual Habari Media Tuongee brought together the finest of the digital marketing industry to talk about the past, present and future of digital... (video)

Posted 3 days ago | Like (1)
Quality over quantity

[Marion Scher] When I first started writing, I wanted to know how I could be the best writer possible in my field. The best advice I could find was write every day.

Posted 2 days ago | Like (1)
Actually, Hlaudi is the right man for the job...

[Chris Moerdyk] Hlaudi Motsoeneng is absolutely the ideal man for the job as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the SABC.

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[NewsMaker:] Joanna Oosthuizen

[Louise Marsland] The future of communications is content and speed, says the new Ogilvy & Mather Public Relations National Managing Director, Joanna Oosthuizen.

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Avoid these five common digital media mistakes

[Matthew Arnold] Digital media is a crucial part of today's marketing mix. While it is important to ensure that you have a digital media plan to support your campaign...

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