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Omni-channel retail, from product to customer focused - NATIVE VML

[Kevin Lourens] In the early 2000's, online retail threatened the "bricks & mortar" stores with extinction. The talk was of being "Amazoned", meaning Amazon.com would add your product line to its ever-expanding inventory and render you redundant.

Posted 13 hours ago | Like (1)
The SABC, Ayisafani, the EFF and section 10(1)(d) of the Broadcasting Act

[Ed Herbst] The Act says the SABC's news and public affairs programmes must 'meet the highest standards of journalism'. In reality, however... (Videos)

Posted 19 hours ago | Like
Intelligence will hamper your progress

[Sid Peimer] Here are a couple of examples of strategy by design, or a strategy that emerges - both devoid of copious amounts of market "intelligence"

Posted 20 hours ago | Like
Closing the divide between social and media

[Matthew Arnold] Social community management and paid media campaign management are often treated as two separate entities.

Posted 1 day ago | Like (1)
Fast food, democracy and the power of marketing

[Amanda Sevasti] There is a place in South Africa that is truly democratic. Young, old, black, white, rich, poor, rural and urban all congregate around it at least one Friday night a month. It is a choice they willingly and happily make, despite long queues.

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SABC shows ANC colours in run-up to elections

[Anton Harber] One would expect a public broadcaster to bend over backwards to show its neutrality at a time such as this. Well, not the SABC...

Posted 1 day ago | Like (1)
Mxit is not dead

[Cari Van Wyk] The bulk of Mxit's user base has always been people using feature phones. Now it's upped the ante by introducing smarter, prettier features.

Posted 4 days ago | Like
Performance Based Marketing is showing business a real bang for their buck

[Yaron Assabi] With 2014 well underway, it is an ideal time to look ahead to some of the trends guiding digital marketing in 2014.

Posted 6 days ago | Like
Expanding the customer funnel to increase conversions

[Johan Walters] In the first part of this column, I outlined how you can put in place an advanced infrastructure to track and report on the customer's journey across your organisation's digital touchpoints.

Posted 5 days ago | Like
Websites are shrinking

[Zimaseka Njomi] In Bizcommunity's [2014 trends] report, Anton Krugel names the first trend as "Less is more"...

Posted 6 days ago | Like (2)
DigiChat with Andrea: Do agencies, brands and publishers need a digital division?

[Andrea Mitchell] We've all experienced it - the compelling and emotive TV ad that leaves us wanting to find out more...

Posted 28 days ago | Like (3)
The future is smart, and it's here

[Gerald Naidoo] Government service delivery is once again in the headlines, with ongoing protests in some areas highlighting the desperation of those living in poorer areas for access to improved services.

Posted 6 days ago | Like
Five social media tips to maximise your brand's online presence

[Gareth Slaven] Social media channels should be constantly monitored and tweaked according to your market's response. If you're looking for some fail-safe social media tips, you've come to the right place.

Posted 4 days ago | Like
Creating shopping centres for consumers

[Danette Breitenbach] A shopping centre is more than just bricks and mortar; it is a reflection of the evolution of consumers. Therefore, how a shopping centre's design reflects the values of its consumers plays an important role in its success.

Posted 6 days ago | Like (1)
Knack or technique: Honing your sales skills

[Grant Newton] Selling can be a wonderful and rewarding profession if it's conducted ethically, professionally and with integrity and many successful businesses today rely one hundred percent on having a proficient sales team.

Posted 7 days ago | Like
Successful marketing strategies need top-level support - Duo Marketing

[Judith Middleton] Marketing strategies with budgets signed off too often get lost in a filing cabinet or obscure desktop folder, and by the end of the campaign period no one can even remember what was planned.

Posted 7 days ago | Like
Own your industry: Top five tips from new book

[Douglas Kruger] Own Your Industry - How to Position Yourself as an Expert, by Douglas Kruger, is claimed to be the first book published on our continent on the topic of becoming an industry expert by design. It launched in SA this April, and will be available as an e-book by May. (video)

Posted 7 days ago | Like (1)
Townships are the new black

[Danette Breitenbach] The township is no longer a foreign land far away and its story is no longer one of the haves and have-nots. Townships are rocking and they have been for a while, but not everyone has cottoned on yet.

Posted 7 days ago | Like (1)
Now is the time for SMS marketing

[Craig Rossouw] In South Africa 92.8% of the population owns a mobile phone, so the short message service (SMS) is fast becoming a powerful tool for businesses to interact with new and existing clients.

Posted 8 days ago | Like (5)