Jabulani - Opens the debate around naming/branding of things/objects and Celebrity Endorsements

Impact of Jabulani on the total 2010 World Cup image, reputation and perceptions about South Africa... 24 Jun 2010

How do we change perceptions about Brand South Africa?

How Brand South Africa can use 2010 World Cup to Change Perceptions about the Brand 6 May 2010

Who and what is Brand South Africa?

Do we as South Africans know what is expected from us to help build Brand South Africa? 20 Apr 2010

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Dear FIFA...

Your recent actions against advertisers such as Kulula have made me realise that our genius negotiators at the LOC have signed over pretty much every South African icon, brand, landmark, flag etc. to you guys. 30 Mar 2010

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Imagine radio in South Africa in 2010 if there wasn`t a World Cup

FIFA 2010 World Cup is on everyone lips and South African radio is part of the bandwagon. What would radio programmers have to do in 2010 to make radio better? 5 Dec 2009

Soccer Fever 2010 - whoop whoop!

2010 - South Africa's International image in the Media: What are we showing the world about South Africa? What is our international image in the media? Who has the greatest impact on our image? What could be the effect on the oncoming soccer world cup 2010? 6 Oct 2009

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Conferations Cup Hype?

Where's the hype? 7 May 2009

World recession affecting TV industry

Is the current economic crisis affecting our local television industry? 21 Nov 2008

Zakumi is not representative of the majority of soccer lovers in South Africa

Zakumi lacks energy, township flair and he is out-of-touch with SA's youth culture - he cannot even dance. 19 Nov 2008

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Was SAB Sleeping for 2010 Sponsorship Deal?

Please can someone clarify what happened and why we have an American brand 'Budweiser' as official beer sponsor of OUR 2010 Soccer World Cup. Blind one! 6 Oct 2008

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The 2008 Bejing Olympics - Lessons to be learnt by 2010 LOC

What is our 2010 LOC doing about the opening ceremony? Have they started or are they still concerned about the completion of the stadias? 11 Aug 2008

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2010 - Toll Fee!!!

Toll Fee on all major highways 24 Jun 2008

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Why is the Minister of Tourism Mr. van Schalkwyk not approachable?

In conjunction with World Cup 2010, we have tried on 7 different occasions to contact the Minister of Tourism. 25 Jul 2007

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