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SA sports media is missing the point with sponsors
SA sports media is missing the point with sponsors

The world of sports sponsorship is often limited to the two main players in this game - the brand and the successful sports star or team it is aligning itself with. And the fan watches from the sidelines...

By Michael Vlismas 7 May 2018

Screengrab from P&G's #LoveOverBias campaign.
PyeongChang - Which company will win the medal for return on investment?

As the world's top winter sports stars showed off their athletic prowess in the snow and ice of PyeongChang last month, the thirteen worldwide Olympic sponsors who have helped fund the global spectacle, outdid each other to capture the attention of a billion-strong television audience...

By Dominique Turpin 5 Mar 2018

#BizTrends2018: E-sports in South Africa - it's only just begun
#BizTrends2018: E-sports in South Africa - it's only just begun

E-sports in the last two years has exploded onto the South African scene with not much in the way of any sort of understanding of how to get involved. The biggest question is, where is this going to go in 2018 and onwards?

By Barry Louzada 8 Jan 2018

#Newsmaker: Junior Mokoma furthers his creative studies in Holland w/ Vega, FCB
#Newsmaker: Junior Mokoma furthers his creative studies in Holland w/ Vega, FCB

It was during his internship as a copywriter at FCB Africa in Johannesburg when Vega alumni student Junior Mokoma was offered the opportunity to study transmedia storytelling at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries in Tilburg, the Netherlands...

By Jessica Tennant 6 Dec 2017

#Newsmaker: Justine Cullinan wins Veuve Clicquot Elle Boss Corporate Award
#Newsmaker: Justine Cullinan wins Veuve Clicquot Elle Boss Corporate Award

5FM's station manager Justine Cullinan won the Corporate Award at the Veuve Clicquot Elle Boss Awards on Thursday, 9 November. It was just her and overall winner Amanda Dambuza, founder and director of consulting company Uyandiswa, who took home awards on the night...

By Jessica Tennant 17 Nov 2017

#Newsmaker: Amanda Dambuza named Veuve Clicquot Elle Boss 2017
#Newsmaker: Amanda Dambuza named Veuve Clicquot Elle Boss 2017

This year's deserving recipient of the Veuve Clicquot Elle Boss Award is Amanda Dambuza, founder and director of consulting company Uyandiswa, currently in its fourth year and already employing more than 70 people...

By Jessica Tennant 14 Nov 2017

Rob Garden
The power of publicity - Blurring the lines of sport and entertainment

How did a fight, which is being referred to by some as a circus act, go from a crossover TV event to the most lucrative boxing match in history? The answer, quite plainly, is through publicity...

By Rob Garden, Issued by Levergy 20 Jul 2017

Boris Dzhingarov
JP Pietersen signs with Anyoption - Your company needs a brand ambassador too!

No matter where you turn you will see some of the biggest stars in sports endorsing brands and in return, those brands sponsor the player, the team, the league or sometimes even the sport itself...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 24 Nov 2016

Big sponsors make it hard to swallow
Big sponsors make it hard to swallow

With the exciting but scandal-ridden Rio Olympics now in full swing, I was reminded again of the arrogance of the various sports governing bodies like the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA)...

By Aki Kalliatakis 17 Aug 2016

Boris Dzhingarov
How to make your sports sponsorship stand out

With 2016 Summer Olympics about to begin, viewers worldwide have already seen extensive sponsorships in the making. Let's talk about how your brand can take advantage of athletic sponsorship...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 8 Aug 2016

Sponsors effectively run the race with you... © Prakaymas Vitchitchalao –
Make your sponsorship work for your brand: Work at your sponsorship

Sponsorship is not about slapping a brand or logo next to another...

By Bogosi Motshegwa 17 Feb 2016

Great sporting moments and their sponsors
Great sporting moments and their sponsors

Sports sponsorship is big business...

By Boris Dzhingarov 13 Oct 2015

Sponsorship is more than just a badge on a Springbok jersey
Sponsorship is more than just a badge on a Springbok jersey

More than a century ago a cynical fellow called John Wanamaker bemoaned the fact that while he knew that half the money he spent on advertising was wasted, he couldn't work out which half...

By Chris Moerdyk 3 Sep 2015

A company should be able to be meaningful in its endeavours, and the best way to do this is by being closely associated with activities people love. Reeds Tyger Valley dealers Aristide Lunardini (left) and Riko Geldenhuys outside the premises that promotes Chevrolet’s sponsorship with English football giants Manchester United. (Image: Sergio Henriques/pickr)
Corporate sponsorships and your business

Brands and logos of companies are everywhere at entertainment events, and even feature at events that have the capacity to change the course of history...

By Tauriq Moosa 18 Nov 2014

Real-time is now the Big Time
Real-time is now the Big Time

The ability of sponsoring brands to engage in credible conversations, and produce relevant content in real-time around their properties is a definite requirement, not just a nice-to-have.

By Struan Campbell 14 May 2014

Mbalula: "Who's going to stop me holding a Sports Awards evening for millions of rands?" (Image: GCIS)
From the Aurora Cricket Club to Mbalula

A media chronology: 'Any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement.' - Article 6 of the Fundamental Principles of Olympism.

By Ed Herbst 15 Apr 2014

Help sponsor those who help those in need. (Image: Sasha Wolff from Grand Rapids, via Wikimedia Commons)
Here's a sponsorship that will make a major impact on people's lives

If you could get your client R24.5m editorial coverage for two months (Jan and February), would you have happy clients or what?

By Marion Scher 31 Mar 2014

No naughties for Bafana Bafana
No naughties for Bafana Bafana

NEWSWATCH: Safa has rejected anything to do with a sponsorship of Bafana Bafana by an adult dating site, reports It's claimed bad financial management sank Goldfields newspaper Gold-Net, reports IOL, and TechCentral reports the Internet Service Providers' Association reckons Telkom's transit fee is 'legally illogical'.

By Rod Baker 20 Nov 2013

Athar Naser
Red Bull gives you...content marketing!

In our ongoing exploration of content marketing and our attempts to bring it to life, we're going to shed a little more light through a real-life example of 'stratospheric' proportion.

By Athar Naser 11 Jun 2013

Bonnie Ramaila
TV series sponsorship: Think out of the box

I have never understood why companies should have those closing and opening billboards before, during and after a TV programme, until I saw 1st for Women's sponsorship of the M-Net series, 'Revenge'.

By Bonnie Ramaila 8 May 2013

Douglas Kruger
Seven stages in becoming an industry expert

From Amoeba to Icon; where do you currently rank in your industry's natural progression? In this piece, I walk you through the seven stages of development as you strive to position yourself as an industry expert. [video]

By Douglas Kruger 13 Apr 2013

Louise Worsley
What do we mean by success?

The most frequently cited definition of project failure is the failure to meet time, cost, or scope targets. However, even when these three have been met, success can remain elusive.

By Louise Worsley 15 Mar 2013

Quentin Joubert
LBS-based mobile advertising set to explode

Marketers around the world are expected to start tapping into the power of location-based services (LBS) over the course of the next year as a means of delivering more targeted and engaging advertising to consumers.

By Quentin Joubert 2 Mar 2013

How to measure brand value
How to measure brand value

As we all know, when individuals achieve some degree of celebrity status, they become brands in their own right, just like any other brand. The question is how does one measure the value of a brand ... and in the case of this article, how can we determine the value of brand Oscar Pistorius?

By Don MacRobert 28 Feb 2013

Chemory Gunko
What to do in the wake of a damaged brand

If nothing else, the Oscar Pistorius, Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods debacles have shown us just how quick, and sudden, even a strong brand's fall from grace can be.

By Chemory Gunko 21 Feb 2013

Justin McCarthy
Mann handled

Peter Mann's recent article highlighted an increasingly important topic in today's dynamic media landscape - the juxtaposition of freedom of expression and the infringement of the rights of others.

By Justin McCarthy 18 Feb 2013

Peter Mann
Pist off by Pistorius tweets

The flood of comments on Twitter and other social media platforms around Oscar Pistorius highlight the extreme dangers of unmediated social media.

By Peter Mann 14 Feb 2013

The power of sponsorship (part II)
The power of sponsorship (part II)

In part I, I clarified what makes sponsorship such a powerful marketing tool. Here, in part II, I will give some trends for 2013, taken from some best practice work in 2012, and I will explain how the South African industry needs to adapt and evolve in order to achieve success and results going forward. (video)

By Struan Campbell 10 Feb 2013

Struan Campbell
The power of sponsorship (part I)

2012 was a revolutionary year for sponsorship and one that churned out some notable campaigns that have helped clarify what modern best practice sponsorship is all about (or at least what it should be about).

By Struan Campbell 9 Feb 2013

[2013 trends] The year ahead for experiential marketing
[2013 trends] The year ahead for experiential marketing

It's that time of the year where agencies are asked to haul out the old crystal ball and provide pearls of thumb-sucking wisdom. Before we do so, it would be wise to see how history might repeat itself. Reflecting briefly, for experiential marketing, 2012 was quite a year locally and abroad. Oh, and mazeltov on surviving the Mayan apocalypse - it was touch-and-go for a second there.

By Mike Silver 29 Jan 2013

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