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New satirical newspaper

Straight and Narrow, a new satirical daily newspaper launched on Monday 5 November 2012.
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"We tackle all important and unimportant issues, including news, politics, entertainment and the Kardashians," explains Theuns du Buisson, co-owner.

"Especially skewered politics and narrow-mindedness are to be set straight throughout the course of our journey into readers' minds. We saw the gap for a fresh satirical insight, because our competitors aren't really competitive.

"Politics in South Africa is already a joke, so we just thought we'd make the joke official. Some may say that many a truth is said in jest. South African politicians seldom speak many truths, in jest or in seriousness, so what we'll do is take their lies and turn them into jokes, which can then be forgiven. We're here to spread forgiveness."

Straight and Narrow tries its best to upload as many stories as possible, from Monday to Friday, while taking weekends off like any good citizen.

For more, go to and follow @Str8andNarrowZA on Twitter.