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It's all in the logo

A logo is simply well thought out art to be acknowledged by all who view it. The first impression the majority of consumers experience with a brand is through the logo, hence it becomes your trademark.
Modern business is fascinated with them. Logotypes inspire and impress or are insignificant and overlooked. Not making an impact is a missed opportunity.

Making a statement

A logo for any venture must make a statement. It represents the company's ethos and its people. The perception viewers have of the brand can be affected with well thought out design. A great logo will not define whether you will be successful - it will assist. Many companies that failed had fantastic logos, but you cannot curb bad business practise through design.

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Brand identity creators place a huge value on research. Logo design is an industry populated with crowd-sourcing and short cuts. Choosing from the designs of a hundred unknowns or cheap retrofitted logo designs is enticing. Do these designs have any idea of who you are? Choose to work with designers who base their art on the thorough knowledge of your brand. You buy cheap, you buy twice.

Working with a dedicated professional allows you to expand your thoughts, your ideas and influences to achieve a product of artistic collaboration.

Startups, business ideologies will paw at you to spend money not yet earned. Is the cost of a professionally well-crafted brand identity a viable expense? You dress well for business meetings; same applies to the brand design. You want investors with a keen eye on your presentation to take notice.

Investing in branding

Creating a pitch deck with world-class branding allows further exploration into the business going forward. It contributes depth to how thought out your venture is. It's a sales aid. A professional brand identity is an investment.

You, as the entrepreneur, are the most important facet to incorporate in creating a logo design. Designers that display a willingness to understand client's goals and project feasibility are more intensive, it requires conversation and exchanging ideas. What has worked and more importantly what has failed are discussed openly.

Considerations for mobile display and printing are taken into account at all times. Colour connotations may change and shift with industries, culture and perceptions. Personal taste must also be weighed against these perceptions.

Simplicity is the appearance of laziness with an intelligent depth.

Professional opinion

Great logo designers motivate their beliefs on experience and professional opinion. Designers should challenge your thinking of the brand, not to confront, but to encourage. Their designs rest on your venture, if you are not successful, nobody sees their design work. They care for these logos as passionately as you do. You pay them, they invest in you.

Equip your venture with a professional in shaping your brands identity. Startups, the questions posed through a professional brand identity team will assist with enlightening your ventures path from a different perspective. As entrepreneurs - we never stop learning.

Start with an identity reflecting who you are, infused with direction and purpose. That is true brand identity creation - making thoroughly thought out impressions count.

About Jay Clark

On a mission to coin the phrase "ambidextrous thinking". Merging sensible ideas with creativity. Headmaster of Brand Development for The Fort Hartley School for Betterment.
Desiray Viney
I really like this! Branding should be all about who you are, what you stand for and how serious you are about doing what you do [how sustainable your business wants to be]. Your logo to some extent should encapsulate that. When people encounter your logo it should remind them of lots more than just what you sell!
Posted on 21 Jul 2014 14:23
Marcio Quintal
Nice article. Very relevant considering all the re-branding being done by big brands and companies.
Posted on 15 Sep 2014 16:24