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Naija Lyrics Wiki takes Nigeria by storm

15 Oct 2012 12:08
Naija Lyrics Wiki is reported to have taken over the Nigerian music and entertainment industry by increasingly attracting an average of over 100 000 downloads in average statistics. That is apparently over 2000 downloads daily.
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The principal architect of the app, Akintayo Olusegun last week said Naija Lyrics Wiki is the fastest growing application in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

The creator describes the app as a simple theme that provides lyrics of Nigerian songs in a way that's easily accessible to its users.

There are websites that provide lyrics of Nigerian songs, but most of them are not mobile friendly. Furthermore, Naija Lyrics Wiki's unique selling points include:
• It is an app that resides on users' phones
• Users can view the lyrics and play the songs at the same time
• Users can download the lyrics so that you can view it even if you are offline.

With the app, you can also:
• Download the songs if it is freely available
• Share the lyrics you are viewing with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, chat messengers, Skype, email, etc.
• View and download latest videos
• Entertainment news from popular websites and blogs.

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The app also has a feature for artists, where they don't need to send the lyrics to the admin of the site, they can simply register and upload their lyrics themselves. Fans can also upload lyrics and just like a normal wiki, registered users can upload, edit and update the lyrics.

Segun Akintayo said that the growth and adoption is largely due to how App Stores makes discovery of applications on the stores easy, and also largely due to the fact that an app for viewing lyrics, especially Nigerian lyrics is long overdue.

There's a widespread adoption for Nigerian music, not only in Africa but all around the world, but most of these non-Nigerian audience can't hear what the artists say more than half of the time and for these people, a lyrics app is very important.

It is reported that in the first few weeks of launch, there were more downloads from the UK, South Africa and Middle East than from Nigeria. Currently, Naija Lyrics Wiki has been downloaded from over one hundred locations globally.

The app has recently been developed to work on tablet devices. Additional features such as discussions chat room or comment boxes on Naija music videos and many other features is expected to be added in the future.

Akintayo concludes by stating that Naija Lyrics Wiki will be the most definitive place to get Nigerian music, lyrics and social/entertainment News. According to him, the app is free and now open to lovers of Nigerian music and entertainment industry to download and put to massive use.

Get it now!

The application is available for free download from:Blackberry App World, from [[ Google Play Store and GetJar.
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