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Directory app from MTN Business

MTN Business has launched a mobile location app linking businesses and customers. Affordable and well designed, the app consists of a mobile location-based directory making it a requisite for customers interested in a product or service offering to find the supplier, from any location on mobile phones and smart devices.

Connect with customers

Kanagaratnam Lambotharan, MTN SA chief enterprise business officer explains that the app is designed for formal and informal businesses to connect with customers easily and quickly. "Our new app uses location-based positioning linked to the company's network to provide a comprehensive and practical directory service, aimed at simplifying the task of finding product and service vendors located at any vicinity.

"Any concern, such as estate agencies, banks, retailers, home-based hair salons and even businesses on the move, such as mobile Shisa Nyama outlets, once listed on the directory, can be located through this app at a touch of a button."

In addition to basic listing information, including physical address and contact information, companies can list topical information such as promotions and specials. More importantly, information can be easily changed and updated at any time, making this app a dynamic and valuable service to businesses and customers.

Free download

No matter where in the world a mobile phone user is located at any specific time, with the free app downloaded, the mobile user can access all information about business and services, which one requires with a touch of a few buttons.

"We are delighted to introduce an innovative way for our informal and formal businesses to be discovered by customers and potential clients on mobile platforms," concludes Lambotharan.

For more information, go to to download to a mobile phone or download it from BlackBerry World, the App Store on iTunes, Google Play and the Android App Store.