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[Biz Takeouts Podcast] 96: IAB South Africa - what is coming next?

On the last Biz Takeouts Marketing and Media Radio show, host Warren Harding chatted to Chair of the IAB South Africa (@iab_SA), Jarred Cinman (@jarredcinman) and recently appointed IAB South Africa Country Manager, Josephine Buys (@JosephineIAB_SA).
We spoke about the change from DMMA to IAB South Africa from earlier this year, the move of The Bookmarks Awards to early 2015, the change in format of The Bookmarks to a summit and an event, as well as the future of digital in South Africa and so much more.

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In studio on Thursday 3 July we hosted IAB South Africas, Jarred Cinman and Josephine Buys.

BizcommunityWhat exactly is the IAB South Africa?

Jarred Cinman: The change from DMMA happened earlier this year, and the change hasn't fundamentally changed what the organisation does and who it represents. We are the official industry body representing digital media in South Africa, representing publishers and agencies primarily. The branding change was more about linking up with the global IAB, who are in about 42 countries, and we are an associate member of that network, giving us access to global learnings, research and case studies.

BizcommunityWhat are your priority items as the new Country Manager for the IAB South Africa?

Josephine Buys: There are a few projects, and a number of sub councils so we need to cherry pick which get our most attention. For me personally, I am very excited about the education and transformation portfolio. We are very fortunate to have Astrid Ascar who has joined us on this sub council. We see this as a very important area, making sure we are training young professionals and building curriculums with various organisations to make sure this filters down. Also The Bookmark Awards, coming up early next year. We have moved it to into February, as we will be transforming the event into an industry summit topped off by an awards show. Happening on February 19 next year and happening in Johannesburg for the first time.

Check out the IAB South Africa here:

Get all the other information from Jarred and Josephine about the IAB South Africa by listening to this week's podcast.

The news roundup covered:

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Episode 96: IAB South Africa - what is coming next?

We chat to the Chair of the IAB South Africa, Jarred Cinman and recently appointed IAB South Africa Country Manager, Josephine Buys.

Date: 3 July 2014 Length: 25:27min File size: 46.5MB Host: Warren Harding's Biz Takeouts Marketing & Media Show takes South Africa's biggest online marketing, media and ad industry platform to the airwaves and gives relevant, useful and interesting insights into all aspects of marketing in SA, Africa and beyond. Each week, the show features the movers and the shakers of the industry, current media trends, upcoming events and brand activities.

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