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Gemalto Mobile commercially launches online authentication platform

Gemalto Mobile has commercially launched its LinqUs Mobile ID platform that allows mobile operators to offer all subscribers a single means of authentication to online services, using any mobile phone.
Compliant with the guidelines set by the GSMA Mobile Connect initiative, the identity solution enables mobile operators to remove lengthy registration processes and password fatigue as sources of frustration, delay and vulnerability for billions of consumers. The online connection experience - that does not compromise on security - is now as simple and straightforward as tapping the 'OK' button displayed on the handset, or entering a unique personal code.

Also available in Software-as-a-Service mode from its Allynis Services, the Mobile ID solution encompasses three features that address all levels of assurance defined by the GSMA to comply with the use cases encountered by most online service providers.
    1. simple login for consumer and e-merchant websites
    2. strong authentication and transaction validation for enterprises and banks
    3. legally binding digital signatures for eGovernment applications

New revenue streams

With this improved authentication process that is readily available for all levels of security required, online service providers can develop new revenue streams and make significant savings by boosting conversion rates, reducing fraud and streamlining their business structures.

The features work on any handset, via software applications embedded in the SIM card that can be instantly deployed over-the-air throughout a mobile operator's existing user base and are further secured via a dedicated authentication server. Mobile network operators can further enhance the infrastructure for their consumer and business clients, by leveraging the company's SaaS mode for the fastest possible time-to-market, whilst avoiding upfront investment costs.

With online banking fraud on the rise in SA - The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) cited an increase of 16% between 2012 and 2013 - mobile ID offers a convenient solution for simple and secure end-user authentication. Users only need to remember one unique personal code to connect them securely to the mobile ID application, thereby reducing the average of 25 log-ins to remember per user (source: NorSIS Institute).

Making government registration simpler

As the mobile ID solution is based on state of the art security, it is therefore recognised as a legally binding signature. Once deployed, governments can therefore use mobile ID solutions to authenticate citizens who can then remotely sign documents and access eGovernment applications in a secure way. The mobile ID solution ensures that citizens can securely sign administration forms from the comfort of their home. In Africa, with a high mobile phone penetration rate and large populations living remotely, this solution can be particularly useful, for example, in the case of birth registration from remote African locations.

"The increasing need for digital identity management is giving operators the opportunity to become ID providers, leveraging their key assets: strength of their brand, existing enterprise business customers, handset qualification process and the ability to reach the highest security levels with the SIMs they supply to all mobile subscribers," said Tan Teck-Lee, executive VP Platforms & Services at Gemalto. "Strong mobile authentication exemplifies another compelling use case of the unique security and versatility we offer to our customers by building client-server trust infrastructures easily available to billions of handsets of all generations."

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