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Chappies partners with Mxit to boost TV campaign

27 Feb 2014 10:07
Local chewing gum brand, Chappies has partnered with Mxit for a strategic consumer engagement campaign, the Mxit user base as an extension of the Chappies 'Did You Know' slot on SABC youth entertainment show Hectic Nine-9.
The Mxit campaign attracted 112,688 new users to the 'Did You Know' app in just three months, alongside TV engagement.

Integrating mobile and TV

Andrew Kramer, VP of sales comments, "The result of the campaign highlights how integrating mobile and TV strategies can be an effective marketing tactic. Building on the 'Did You Know' legacy, the social media platform offered the brand an opportunity to engage directly with its target audience and effectively encourage participation with the brand on the TV platform.

"Allowing viewers to influence the content of TV is today a completely viable option through mobile. It is an ideal opportunity for marketers to capitalise on the high levels of engagement via Mxit. As the popularity of multi-screening grows, it is fast becoming crucial for marketers to develop a multi-layered approach to content distribution which enables interactive engagement across the various channels."

Encouraging usage

Through a competition mechanism of winning Mxit Moola and making use of a combination of its mobile advertising platforms, such as broadcast messages, splash screens and banners, Chappies zoned into its target audience of 13- 25 year olds. It encouraged them to visit the app on Mxit where they could enter a competition to play 'Did You Know' show live on TV.

The broadcast messages received over 1 million views, while over 2 million splash screens were delivered to target individuals - resulting in an above benchmark click through rate of 11.4%. Branded banners yielded 1.8 million impressions and 2,084 click-throughs.

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