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Campaign links dating profiles with Citroën DS4 for a night out

Creating a new campaign to increase test drives for the Citroën DS4, the company combined South African's love of their cars and their love of Internet dating to create a buzz by combining them.
Citroën set up two dating profiles - digital consultant Saul Kropman and radio personality Khutso Theledi, who are both real, but the campaign wrote their profiles and interacted with all their prospective dates as if they were the Citroën DS4.

It included little clues everywhere. Saul was LemonSorbet, because the founder of Citroën took his name from the Dutch word for "lemon." Khutso was "LaughingGoddess" because DS sounds like "déesse," which is the French word for "goddess".

They got the qualities of the car:

    • They were looking for someone with the keys to their heart
    • They were on the road a lot
    • They had a five-year plan
    • They even loved giving massages, because massaging seats are optional on the DS4
The campaign told prospective dates things like "I am looking to take things up another gear" and "I'm on the road a lot but I'm keen to park off this Saturday." They even met their dates at upmarket Johannesburg restaurant The Eatery, which - quite coincidentally - is based in Parkmore.

To find out how they reacted when they discovered that they were actually on a date with a car and whether they fell in love with the Citroën DS4 after going for a test drive, view the video below:

Then join the conversation using #stepoutofline and #DateDS4 and talk about your internet dating experiences using #DateMe.

PS. Both Saul and Khutso are (still) single. #justsaying