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Micro-loan for commuters

7 Feb 2005 15:12
ABSA has launched a Micro-loan as an immediate and attractive resource for those needing cash to complete unforeseen or unexpected obligations. Within ABSA's prime target market are many millions of commuters, including those in the lower LSMs, which ComutaNet media platforms interact with on a daily basis. ABSA tasked ComutaNet to build an effective, two-month campaign to educate consumers on the benefits, focussing communications on people passing through Johannesburg's commuter dense Park Station and Baragwanath areas.
ComutaNet used sampling by promoters to explain the mechanics of the Micro-loan product.
Informative leaflets were handed during high-traffic periods, to increase audience attention, commuters getting related questions correct, were rewarded with gifts. Commuters received hundreds of ABSA branded pens, water bottles, bath towels, caps and T-shirts.

ABSA's Micro-loan takes care of small and temporary financial inconveniences enabling borrowings of R2000 to R8000. Loans in excess of these fall into different categories. To support the promoters' activations, ComutaNet branded the surroundings with ABSA posters and pull-up banners. The giveaways, the promoters' skills, the vibe, and the branding, drew the attention of thousands of commuters making ABSA's Micro-loans top-of-mind amongst both the needy, and the not so needy.
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