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NSPCA 'Election' Poster campaign catches eyes

On the eve of the national election, Durban motorists caught sight of eye-catching posters, depicting a variety of dogs and cats were attached just below street posters portraying the political party representatives contesting the elections. The result was a combined image of a pet being held in the arms of a politician and a message appealing for the public's support.
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This was an innovative awareness drive for the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) devised and created by the Hardy Boys, an ad agency in Durban, on a pro bono basis.

An important issue

NSPCA spokesperson Christine Kuch explained, "Elections are generally a time when South Africans reflect on issues that are important to them. Our aim with this campaign is to remind voters that the welfare of all animals should be one of those issues."

Dale Tomlinson of the Hardy Boys explained how the elections became the perfect tactical opportunity to highlight an important issue. "At a time when so many parties and individuals are making promises about changing and bettering lives, we wanted to highlight one organisation with a proven track record worthy of the public's support."

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Welfare of animals

Kuch stressed that the campaign was in no way downplayed the importance of elections or made light of it. "We believe everyone who is eligible to vote should exercise that right. But as they cast their votes we hope they spare a thought for the millions of animals who don't have a voice." She added that the organisation was not endorsing any political party but hoped that more parties would include the welfare of all animals on their election manifestos in future. "How a nation treats its animals is a measure of its maturity and compassion."

The Hardy Boys has a reputation for producing award-winning pro bono work for non-profit organisations.
Pity about this:
Posted on 9 May 2014 14:29
Richard Gee
FANTASTIC campaign. It might have been in Durban, but it went viral everywhere - i received at least 5 Facebook postings of the posters.Had a look at the Twitter post, re: copying and disagree with the comments. This is still a FANTASTIC campaign, even if it took inspiration from an overseas campaign that no-one in SA has seen nor heard about. I'm pretty sure that the NSPCA, nor any animals saved, don't care where the idea came from.
Posted on 9 May 2014 14:56