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Twinsaver Moms promote brand on the road

To drive its new 'Rock your Schoolbag' design competition, as part of this year's 'back to school' campaign, Twinsaver has moms driving their branded vehicles to and from school to create awareness.
"As facial tissues become part of the required inventory at school for kids, where better to communicate to the target market than with the target market themselves?" asks MD, Pieter Groenewald. "These brand ambassadors are all part of the school community and were chosen as drivers because they have kids in primary schools and can relate to the campaign."

The requirements for the moms were quite simply to continue with their existing lifestyles; dropping off and fetching their kids, taking them to extramural activities and to be seen at the represented schools. The only additional requisite was to interact with the school staff to distribute competition pamphlets and to take photos for social media use.

The campaign will run until the end of February 2014 to tie into the 'back to school' theme.

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